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Robot Chicken is a show from the minds of Matthew Senreich Seth Green, you may remember Seth Green from numerous other television programs and movies. The show uses a variety of toys from the viewer's childhood to create stop motion comedy sketches. It runs for fifteen minutes an episode and is made up of multiple scenarios. Using his contacts in the industry, Seth Green has assembled a cast featuring guest appearances by a number of well known celebrities including Sarah Michelle Geller, Hulk Hogan, Seth MacFarlane and Macaulay Culkin.

The scenes are brief and usually feature a toy from character from the viewer's childhood. Have you ever wondered how Emperor Palpatine reacted when he found out the Deathstar exploded? How you ever thought about how well super heroes would coexist in a reality television show house? How about what would happen if the Tooth Fairy walked into a fight between a husband and wife? These are all examples of scenes that Robot Chicken addresses in every episode. The show also pokes fun at itself and the realities of working in Hollywood. In one season finale, the creators stage a telethon to raise support so they don't get cancelled. The creators have made a concerted effort to find toys from previous generations and write innovate scripts that force the viewer to consider their childhood heroes in a more adult setting.

The show first debuted in 2005 and has been running consistently since. It runs in multiple countries around the world including England, Germany and Russia. As there is little plot or connection between the different scenes, it makes each episode stand alone allowing viewers to join in at any point in the series without missing key elements or plot twists. It has been the recipient of four Emmy awards so far. Critics have described it as an example of Dark Comedy in that it takes previously well known characters and displays them in a very different light.

Sunday 11:30 PM et/pt on Adult Swim
8 Seasons, 165 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 20, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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  • Lois Lane passes away in a case of possible super killing; Batman questions whether Superman bleeds; and the future of the Season 8 finale is chosen.

  • Darth Vader is taught to say "I'm Sorry;" Bugs Bunny takes cross-dressing to new heights; the Terminator changes the future too much; and Edna Mode is hired for a new job.

  • Zeus rejuvenates "Clash of the Titans"; "Star Trek" turns into an opera; Speed Racer joins a NASCAR race; and "The Hills" is spoofed.

  • Outtakes from Seth Green's Burger King Commercial; Krang is untruthful on a dating site; the "Toy Story" crew get a new toy; and Huey Lewis' lost "Back to the Future" song is revealed.

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'Robot Chicken' Season 5, Episode 13 Recap - 'The Departy Monster'

Okay, I know we're supposed to be going for a movie title mash-up theme here, but what is this one supposed to be? "The Departed" and what, "Party Monster?" Is there a movie called "Party Monster?" Wow. There is. "Robot Chicken," you're so educational.

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Another week, another movie title mash-up for the title. This week, it's "Casablankman," a mix of two truly great classics. Really, the both of them are probably on an even keel as far as cinematic importance goes. Get your "Robot Chicken" episode recap here.

'Robot Chicken' Season 5, Episode 11 Recap - 'Beastmaster and Commander'

We're back! It's alive! Bawk! To start things off, an important lesson: never trust a wish-granting zebra. And buy Veringular, I hear their coverage is awesome. This episode of "Robot Chicken" shows us where Optimus Prime's self-doubt comes from, what Green Lantern would do without hands, and more.

New Web Series From 'Robot Chicken' Creators Launches Friday

After dominating the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network with their hilarious (and labor-intensive) show "Robot Chicken," Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are about to step into the world of Web content for a brand-new stop-motion show. The project is called "Stoopid Monkey," also the name of the gang's production company that puts out "Robot Chicken." Rather than take a full stop-motion animated approach, "Stoopid Monkey" will blend live action with stop-motion for a hybrid experience.

Episode 'Robot Chicken' Season 5, Episode 10 - 'Catch Me if You Kangaroo Jack' Recap

This episode marks the second week in a row that the show has mocked its creators'…shall we say "less respected" work. Here's "Catch Me if You Kangaroo Jack." Sure, why not start off with the Governator dancing? You can make Ahnold sing the words to any late 80's or early 90's song and it will be hilarious.   The next sketch gives us a little insight into how Pa Kent disciplines the un-spankable Superboy.

Episode Robot Chicken Season 5, Episode 9 - 'No Country for Old Dogs' Recap

A friend of mine was just complaining to me the other day that "Robot Chicken" doesn't reference anything current or timely, and that everything dates back to at least the 1980's. I say that's ridiculous! I'm sure we'll have plenty of current, topical references in today's episode. Starting with...   …a "Short Circuit" reference. Never mind.

Episode Robot Chicken Season 5, Episode 8 - 'Schindler's Bucket List' Recap

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