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Shameless centers around the Gallagher family, which includes six children who must learn to take care of themselves. Their father, Frank Gallagher, who is played by William H. Macy, is an alcoholic. He comes home only to beg or steal money from his children to support his habit. The kids, meanwhile, must do whatever it takes to support themselves and survive, even if their methods are sometimes "shameless."

The Gallagher family, who live in Chicago, is kept together mostly through the actions of the oldest child, Fiona, who is played by Emmy Rossum. Fiona quit high school so that she could take care of her siblings. She now works odd jobs to support her family but still finds time to hang out with her friend and neighbor, Veronica. In the first few episodes, Fiona also catches the eye of handsome but dangerous Steve, whose reoccurring role throughout the series creates a tense romance.

Each of the children in the Gallagher family also has an interesting story to tell. Fiona's second oldest brother, Lip, is a genius who uses his school skills to take tests for other students. Ian Gallagher is hoping for a career in the army, but hides a secret from his friends and family. Debbie, the youngest sister, is sweet and caring, and simply hopes for her family to remain together.

Throughout the series, viewers follow the intense stories behind each of the characters. As the kids meet friends and potential love interests even more fascinating characters are introduced and followed. The plot is always surprising and their never seems to be a dull moment in the lives of these children who must act like adults.

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  • Frank returns from jail to Chatsworth hoping for a welcome home party. However, he finds a new addition to the Gallagher brood - a new son called Ben, who survived a abortion attempt on twins. Will Frank finally do right by his family or free himself?

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Justin Chatwin, who plays Jimmy, Fiona Gallagher’s on-again, off-again lover interest, has announced that he will not be returning to the hit series as a regular for season 4. So what does this mean? He will no longer receive top billing, or have a minimum number of episodes in future seasons. Showtime representatives have stated that Justin Chatwin might return for an episode or two in the future, but nothing is set in stone. But why? In the season 3 finale, we watched as a boat drives away containing Jimmy and some thugs.

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