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Series Length:1 Season, 12 Episodes
Network: TV Asahi

Yume Kikuchi, a girl who can use magic, goes to Tokyo to be an apprentice mage to the handsome Masami Oyamada (a professional mage). In Tokyo, Yume learns about magic, helping people, and various other things on her way to being a mage. but she soon also finds out that even just magic alone isnt enough to make someone truly happy...

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Status: Ended
Genre: Anime, Drama
Rating: 8.5/10
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  • Zennosuke finds the missing Yume and reassures her that her magic is useful and positive. The time comes for Yume’s certification exam, and she does not hold back. She helps Oyamada gain closure at last and passes her exam. She says her farewells but promises to return. Someday.

  • Ginpun informs Yume that her certification exam will entail using her power on Oyamada. Yume feels disenchanted by magic and her use of it. Details of Oyamada’s past begin to unfold, revealing a clear yet sad portrait of him.

  • Yume’s confidence as a mage is shaken when a client expresses regret about having a temporary spell cast on her house, and she begins to question the value of performing magic.

  • Angela is suspended from practicing magic for a week. Yume conducts a client interview on her own until Kera crashes it, claiming to be her assistant. The new case puzzles Yume.

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