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Series Length:6 Seasons, 62 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV

There is an unwritten rite of passage in South Beach. You will have to have your car towed at least once before you truly appreciate and understand South Beach, Miami. Executive producer, Jennifer Lopez, teams with TruTV to create another reality-based program. TruTV's mantra is Not reality, actuality, and it is clearly seen in the joint production of South Beach Tow.

South Beach Tow is yet another foray into the reality towing show phenomenon. Following closely on the heels of its other popular towing programs Operation Repo and Lizard Lick Towing, South Beach Tow shifts from the repossession genre and focuses more on the towing of illegally parked vehicles in the South Beach area of Miami.

South Beach is known for its glitz, glamour, and young vibrant night life. While many picture South Beach as a place where only the absolutely beautiful live, the family employees of Tremont Towing, the feature business of South Beach Tow, are a normal family of working individuals.

The show consists of Robert Ashenoff Sr., the owner of the business; his son Robert Ashenoff Jr., chief driver; Christie Ashenoff, daughter and dispatcher, and normally the inclusion of three other employees: Bernice, Eddie and Jerome. Each show's episode follows a similar plot line of at least two drivers and interaction with the family.

A typical show will consist of a driver securing a tow, and the owner of the vehicle taking umbrage with the driver. A confrontation frequently escalates at the tow scene or at the impound yard. The driver, one of the rotating members listed above, interjects commentary about the situation at hand to a camera. Back at the yard, Christie the dispatcher also must juggle angry customers, drivers and dispatch calls. She, too, interjects commentary about the situation via cutaways.

In addition to the friction of having a car towed, there is frequently friction between the Ashenoff family. Robert Sr. and Robert Jr. clash on several episodes because of differences and Robert Jr.'s apparent inability to follow directions or perform his job correctly. A cliffhanger season finale had Christie leaving Tremont towing with a recently hired driver, Perez, and going to work with him and his new towing business.

As part of an ongoing story line, there is considerable rivalry between Tremont Towing and The Finest Towing, another towing service in South Beach. Rivalry has become violent, and a recent episode featured The Finest Towing's drivers sabotaging Tremont's fleet of tow trucks. The most recent cliffhanger features the owner of The Finest and Robert Sr. leaving to discuss a potential business deal. Exactly what are the terms is unknown to the viewing audience, and the answer will be revealed on the season's premiere.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Reality
Rating: 9/10
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  • Perez suggests Robbie borrow money to settle up with Christie. Eddie comes back to Tremont on new terms.

  • Bernice gives Tremon'ts new driver a demonstration on how to tow. Kosgrove's unusual new car draws some unwanted attention. Eddie is back and discovers times are tough at Tremont. Jerome acts on his suspicions toward Wanda, and Perez drops some heavy news on Robbie that turns his world upside down.

  • Jerome and Bernice make their way into the Everglades to rescue Kosgrove.

  • Operating a side business is challenging for Robbie and Perez; Jerome misses Wanda; Bernice is curious about the proposed buyout or Tremont; Dave's date takes an unexpected direction; and Jerome and Bernice deal with the aftermath of a sorority bash.

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