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Spice and Wolf is the twelve episode Japanese animation adaptation of a series of Japanese light novels. The show's setting is very medieval with a slight emphasis on the supernatural as well as covering the hows and whys of economics for the time, including currency speculation and trading through a guild. The show focuses on the adventures of twenty-something merchant Kraft Lawrence and Holo, an ancient wolf deity of the harvest. While Holo has served the village of Pasloe for some time, monitoring the wheat so that it could grow rich and lush, the humans have changed and progressed. Between these developments and the rise of an organized religion and its economically powerful church, Holo figures that the villagers of Pasloe don't require her divine aid anymore and follows Kraft, who is initially resistant to the idea.

As the two travel together, Holo asks Kraft if he will help her find her original homeland, the icy realm of Yoitsu. Kraft agrees, and to discourage scrutiny, Holo assumes a humanoid form, mostly. Although she decides to assume the form of a 15-year-old female, said form includes a tail, which she is quite proud of and refuses to completely hide, and lupine ears atop her head (obscured by a hooded robe). However, Holo has had to assume her more natural form of a giant wolf on more than one occasion, which sent Kraft screaming into a mental blackout. The rest of the cast consists of nothing but humans, with the one exception in Dian "Diana" Rubens, whose true form is that of a bird even larger than Holo's wolf form with another notable character, Norah Ardent. Norah is a shepherdess who works, with her dog Anek, for the Church, yet receives barely even table scraps in exchange for shepherding travelers through the surrounding wolf-infested forests. Being a shepherdess, Holo takes an instant dislike of Norah and becomes amused by the notion that Kraft might fall for her simple charms.

TV Kanagawa
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Ended
January 9, 2008
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  • After a tense encounter with Nora over dinner, Holo falls ill. As Lawrence tries to help her regain her strength, the little wolf's hazy recollections of the many miles passed cause her to see the merchant in new ways.

  • After Lawrence leaves Holo with the traders, he's forced to consider backing out of the plans he's made with Eve. When his decision leads to a violent confrontation, Lawrence finds his future with Holo on the line.

  • With Lawrence so close to finally achieving his dream of owning his own shop, Holo wonders if the time has come for them to give up their journey.

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