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Strangers in Danger is a television series on the Fuel network that features two friends who are BMX professionals. The two main characters in the series are Mike Escamilla and Zack Yankush. Mike calls himself Rooftop, and Zach's nickname is Catfish. The adventures of the two BMX professionals come from seeking the most extreme challenges that Rooftop and Catfish are able to come up with. For instance, they travel to many different countries looking for challenges. Whether they are deactivating landmines in Vietnam or roof riding trains in Bangladesh, the thrills and spills never cease to amaze and never fail in shocking fans of the show. The television show goes to the extreme, from snakes and reptiles to racing cars and mountain climbing. There isn't much these two professionals won't go after to show you the extreme side of life.

In one of the episodes Rooftop and Catfish get on a cattle drive in Cuba. The two ride horses and lead cattle while joking and playing with the cattle. In another episode that takes place in the beautiful Canadian outback, Rooftop and Catfish toy with a black bear that almost causes harm to both. The fun is that the approximately 700-pound bear does not end up severely hurting the two, but he sniffs, licks, and crawls all over both Catfish and Rooftop while they laugh and play dead.

In another episode Rooftop and Catfish travel to the mountains in El Salvador to do some extreme tight rope walking over a very steep cliff. The windy conditions, problems with the harness, and steel wire make it quite an entertaining episode full of shock and awe.

The bottom line is that the show is a great deal of fun for viewers filled with wacky antics and laughs all while in constant fear of what happens next. It's a combination a wild stunts, nature, and extreme comedy. The most important message though is that these are professionals; please don't try this at home.

2 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 6, 2011
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