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Strike back is a British and American series that falls in the genre(s) of military, action, as well as drama. It first began its broadcasting on Sky1 in the great United Kingdom. This television series takes after the novel, also called Strike back. This novel was created by the infamous novelist Chris Ryan. Chris Ryan served in the Special Air Services and is widely known to be the only member of his unit to avoid being captured by Iraqis in 1991. Which is now considered the hardest escape ever for any british solider. Chris Ryan served in the Bravo Two Zero. Andy Harris, who is the executive producer of this series, pitched it for production to Sky1, without even reading the book first.

Strike back is chalk full of edge of your seat action with its wide variety of gun fights and fist fights. The series also features quite a selection of different explosives like hand grenades, rocket propelled grenades, and many more. It also has assault rifles, sniper rifles, and many side arms. Strike back OS based about a secret branch of British intelligence service members. They perform many high risk, top priority missions all over the globe. They even film the series in various exotic locations like south Africa. Two of the main characters are highly trained in there field and believe that the only training there other team members need are the cost of there bullets.

After the first series was aired, Cinemax was decided to co-produce the entire franchise, starting in the second series. This series is very entertaining, emotional, and edge of your seat action. Strike back is aimed more so towards adults, not so much for children due to the violence displayed during each episode.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on CineMax
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Canceled
August 12, 2011
Action & Adventure, Drama
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  • Series Finale. Gone to ground after a daring helicopter escape, Scott and Stonebridge try to elude a team of mercenaries in the Swiss Alps in order to bring a traitor to justice. With their ammunition nearly spent, the boys get a helping hand from an unexpected source before ending up in in a final, epic fight to the finish.

  • On the trail of Li-Na and Kwan, Locke, Stonebridge and Scott play a hunch and head to Geneva, where a nuclear disarmament conference is taking place. A faceoff between Section 20 and the North Korean renegades ends in a flurry of gunfire--and an inconceivable betrayal.

  • With an assist from Nina, Scott and Stonebridge track down Matthias, an eccentric young encryption analyst hired by Kwon and Li-Na to access vital nuclear-material codes. Later, Locke comes face-to-face with his nemesis, while Scott and Stonebridge intercept the interceptors of a key convoy.

  • In Vienna, the cloned phone of a Russian mob leader named Myshkin leads Locke, Nina, Scott and Stonebridge into a public plaza--and a rendezvous between Kwon and Oppenheimer, the world's most dangerous bomb maker, and a man Locke dearly wants to apprehend. Later, Scott and Stonebridge crash a daring bank heist orchestrated by Kwon and Li-Na, in search of a one-of-a-kind document that holds the key to their diabolical plans.

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