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The reality-documentary show called Swamp People takes viewers deep into the Louisiana swamps and bayous to hunt one of North America's most dangerous predators. Alligator hunting has been the way of life for the people, past and present, who live in the Louisiana swamps.

The documentary follows several individuals and families through the rigorous 30-day alligator-hunting season. Viewers get up close and personal with the characters, the alligators and the need for survival. A unique American story, Swamp People demonstrates what life is like for these proud people who are fighting to uphold an ancient way of life in a modern world. It shows how family traditions accompanied by hard work can prevail despite the many obstacles and trials that stand in their way.

Louisiana alligator hunting dates back 300 years in which the hunters earn most of their living during the 30-day season. In following the five teams, the documentary draws viewers into their lives as each team struggles to fill its allotted tag quota within the 30 days. By filling all of their tags, the teams are able to get more tags for the next season, in addition affording them a higher payout. Although "tagging out" is the main goal, the hunters are also looking to tag the biggest and meanest alligator of the season.

Not just about the hunt and catch of alligators, Swamp People is filled with information and history of the swamp and the proud people that lived and still live there today. Some episodes delve into the tradition of hunting the marshes of Louisiana. Some demonstrate how the viciousness of the weather and elements affect life in the swamp. Others focus on the social and sporting life including how the hunters supplement their income the remainder of the year.

Although some scenes are not suitable for younger audiences, the reality-documentary has acclaimed more than four million viewers, young and old, in it's last season. Swamp People can be seen on Thursday nights at 9pm on the History Channel.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
7 Seasons, 128 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 22, 2010
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Swamp People Full Episode Guide

  • The Landrys scramble to tag out on the season's final day, as R.J. and Jay Paul invade their territory. Also, the Edgars try to catch their final gator haul with help from friends.

  • Troy and Guy hurry to fill tags as the end of the season looms near; Jacob and Chase have a surprise encounter fishing in their backyard; the Edgars hit a cold streak as their lines come up empty.

  • Troy and Guy pursue what might be the season's biggest gator; Jay Paul's bad call could cost him and his dad big cash; Daniel Edgar's fixation gets the better of him; and Glen Guist pulls a swamp trick to position his boat to a prime fishing area.

  • Troy faces a cannibal gator; Jay Paul closes in on taking charge of the Molinere procedure; Chase tries to redeem himself; and Glenn Guist fights "the leaning house of Louisiana."

  • Troy keeps the code of the swamp and helps out an old-timer with his lines. Jacob's brother, Chase, is nowhere to be found, which delays the Landrys.

  • Troy and his family gamble on new territory; R.J. goes solo and discovers a truth; Bruce tests Ron's puppy; and Frenchy and Gee are in hog heaven.

  • Troy utilizes a past family secret to alter his luck. R.J. and Jay Paul compete with the Edgar family as they hunt the same area, and Glen Guist practices "Swamp Medicine" and pays honor to his brother, Mitch.

  • Daniel Edgar's boys show up late and hungover; Troy battles with a poacher; Ron pushes to get the puppy a second chance with Bruce.

  • Willie Edwards comes back and ventures out by himself, and it's war when he runs into a monster. In addition, Daniel Edgar attempts to bring down an enemy; R.J.'s season is in jeopardy due to an injury; and Frency goes after a creature that haunts his dreams.

  • After a horrible start to the season, Troy is desperate and does the unthinkable by bringing in outside help, despite objections from his sons and brother. Meanwhile, Ron is determined to turn his puppy into a gator dog; and an unorthodox duo known as "Salt and Pepper" enter the fray and hope to get their piece of the action.

  • One hunter challenges his sons to see who can catch the largest gator.

  • One team wants to end their bad luck, so they burn a sage.

  • A hunter dedicates his final tag to catch a monster named "Cujo".

  • One of the teams baits their lines with a gator bait recipe.

  • Swampers visit dangerous areas.

  • Swamper communities are being attacked by rogue predators.

  • When hunting territories go bust, swampers are forced to quickly move to new areas in order to salvage their day.

  • Two swampers are reunited when they help a friend extract an alligator from a marsh. A team looks for a gator they sniped but were unable to retrieve. A squad deals with a tough monster.

  • R.J. and Jay Paul trek to a location ominously known as the Hive.

  • With the few remaining hours of the Bounty on the Bayou looming, two teams cross state lines in search of a prize-winning monster.

  • Liz goes after a gator nicknamed "T-Rex" who reportedly killed a dog.

  • A hunter takes on some poachers. A team needs to take out a dangerous bull gator.

  • Hunters trying to track down smart gators get some help from the deck, while two teams try to outsmart big gators by using old-fashioned strategies.

  • Hunters are trying to find ways to outsmart the gators that are too smart to take their bait.

  • One hunter has to hunt alone and comes head to head with an aggressive bull gator.

  • Troy becomes the victim to a sinkhole, and a hunter seeks avoidance from a deadly storm.

  • One team must come to a life threatening decision to avoid floodwaters.

  • Heavy boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, so the hunters must change their plans in order to fill their tags.

  • In the sixth season premiere, swampers take on massive alligators and Mother Nature in their effort to win "The Bounty on the Bayou".

  • It's Christmas time, and across the bayou, swampers anticipate the holiday season. They're hunting for traditional delicacies strait from their backyards, decorating their trees, wrapping their presents and cooking up a storm-Swamp Style.

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  • Season 6 Episode 17 Gator Boo-Fay 6/22/2015
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