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That Mitchell & Webb Look is a sketch show that features the title actors who are also the primary writers of the sketch comedy. The show features a number of reccurring characters such as the lazy writers who write terrible movies and an apocalyptic TV game show host.

Thursdays at 9:30 pm et/pt on BBC Two
4 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Canceled
September 2, 2016
That Mitchell & Webb Look
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That Mitchell & Webb Look Full Episode Guide

  • An evil robot in disguise; how to make sure your family is eating enough cat; and why you can't do shop sketches any more. Then, we pay a visit to a very old Sherlock Holmes with Watson by his side, as they face the cruelest enemy of all.

  • Featuring a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac explaining how to read a love poem to a woman addicted to EastEnders and a documentary about documentaries. Plus, a furious argument about christenings and a novel way to end a sketch show.

  • Robert and David introduce a gaggle of sketches you won't see in the main show.

  • More sketch comedy from the quirky world of David Mitchell and Robert Webb. This time Gilbert and Sullivan announce their new opera about a maverick cop - No Nonsense Harry; a very serious actor has a bitter argument with his moustache; and at last the invention of the domestic jetpack! Meanwhile, behind the scenes, David is selling a brand new kind of biscuit.

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