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The Adventures of Paddington Bear is a children's show about a loveable if a tad overcurious little brown bear. Paddington Bear has left his dear Aunt Lucy behind in another country and has set off on his own with a tag around his neck stating he needs care. The Brown family, a family of humans, takes him in and gives him a home in their dwelling in England.

Paddington Bear becomes Paddington Brown as he is adopted as an honorary member of the Brown family. The Brown family consists of Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown and their two children, Henry and Isabelle Brown. They are Paddington's adoptive siblings and enjoy being companions with him.

Paddington keeps the Brown family hopping as he innocently gets himself into one adventure after another. His desire is to be a good natured, helpful little bear but he always ends up making things worse before they get better. He is also a quirky little bear whose favorite food is orange marmalade sandwiches.

Paddington keeps in touch with Aunt Lucy through a steady stream of letters detailing all of his adventures while living with the Browns. She is the only relative of Paddington's.

Episodes for The Adventures of Paddington Bear are fun and entertaining. They include stories of Paddington in many different settings, both in his new home and out on the go. Sometimes Paddington even takes trips with his friend Mr. Gruber. Wherever Paddington Bear is and whatever he does, you can be sure there is a lesson in there for him as well as all of the viewers.

3 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Canceled
June 14, 1997
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear Full Episode Guide

  • Clutter has overtaken the Browns' life and Paddington discovers the perfect way to get rid of the pile: a car boot sale where people "pile it high and sell it cheap". Mr. Brown becomes ill, and Mr. Curry volunteers to drive Paddington to the sale in exchange for a share of the profits. Mr. Curry jacks up the prices and it looks like they'll be stuck with their lot until Paddington really does "pile it high". / Paris is one of the world's fashion centers. So what better place for a new trend in fashion to be born, even if unexpectedly. Paddington's floppy hat, worn duffle coat and Wellington boots become the rage and haute couture will never be the same. / Paddington's voice is discovered by a famous Diva who is thrilled she has found a new talent to mold. She will present him at the opening of her new Opera. Never before has Paddington been encouraged to be loud... much to the Brown household's dismay. But he really is good. Perhaps too good. Why... he might become a star. Paddington must decide if that is what he really wants?

  • Paddington's suitcase is the center of a classic spy intrigue when it is switched, switched, switched, then switched again. Paddington confuses both good and bad spies alike and gets his suitcase back--without ever even knowing it went missing in the first place. / Paddington is delighted to accompany Mr. Gruber to the famous tennis competition. Especially when a small misunderstanding lands him on center court getting first paw experience as a ball bear. / The local Shakespeare in the Park play is underway and Paddington is in charge of sound effects for the performance of Romeo and Juliet. Paddington's thunder claps take everyone by surprise and make the play a resounding success when a real life Romeo and Juliet story comes to a happy ending.

  • Mr. Curry thinks Paddington's made him an April Fool, so he retaliates by sending Paddington on a fool's errand. Poor Paddington doesn't even know what April Fool's is. Aunt Lucy always taught him it was rude to play tricks on people. But in this case, Paddington's honesty turns out to be the best trick of all. / Paddington unknowingly starts a new gold rush when he finds a nugget while panning for gold. It turns out the nugget is the gold tooth that fell out of Mr. Gruber's mouth, but when the truth is discovered, gold fever is out of control. / Mr. Brown's new video camera gives Paddington the idea he can make his own movie and enter a film festival. Mr. Curry gives Paddington little choice but to use him as his leading man. When Paddington shows the rough cut to Mr. Gruber, he suggests a better place for the film: a blooper TV show and Paddington and Mr. Curry win first prize.

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