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"The Amazing World Of Gumball" also known as just Gumball, was creates by Ben Bocquelet, directed by Mic Graves, and was aired in the United Kingdom on Carton Network. This show has a silly, slap stick humor to it that also teaches valuable lessons, as well as aims their goals to make children laugh. The main characters are the Wattersons family, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard, and Nicole. They live in the good old town of Elmore.

Gumball the main character is a very loyal, kindhearted, and funny 12 year old boy cat. While Darwin who was formerly Gumballs pet goldfish who sprouted legs and began speaking human, was adopted into the family and is now Gumballs adopted brother. Since Darwin is New to the world he is still slightly naive. Together, Gumball and Darwin go on these adventures that often go wrong. When they do, they tend to try and blame it on someone else or cover it up. Although Gumball tends to pose as a bad influence on Darwin at times, Darwin continues to be loyal and often helps him out of bad situations.

Then there is Richard, the enormous rabbit who is the stay at home father. Richard tends to play a role in his sons misadventures, that is when he is not sleeping, often at times he doesn't even bother to get dressed. Richard cares deeply for his family but does not carry any responsibility and is not very smart. While Nicole, the workaholic, over stressed, cat mother holds most of the families responsibilities. She works at the rainbow factory and spends the rest of her time cleaning the house, cleaning up after her sons messes, and helping them out of tough situations.

Finally there is little Anais Watterson. Anais is the youngest member of the family, Gumballs 4 year old sister who is a bunny. Aside from her mother, Anais seems to be the second most mature member of the family and is also quite responsible. She often goes along with her brothers on there adventures, even when she has grown impatient with them, just to serve as a voice of reason. Eventually, they all end up learning an a lesson from each quest then venture on.

Tuesday 7:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
8 Seasons, 159 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 3, 2011
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  • Odd internet clips are recalled by the people of Elmore; a strange figure arrives and insults Mom, but the kids are surprised when Mom doesn't fight back.

  • When an unknown figure shows up and insults their Mom, the kids are expecting a massive showdown but are surprised when Mom chooses the path of peace. Mom explains Yuki, Masami's mother, is an old school friend and repeatedly refuses to fight her, despite further provocation. However when Yuki threatens to get Mom fired from her job, Mom has no choice but to partake in a rematch of a karate match her and Yuki had fought as children.

  • The Slap: Tobias follows every single high-five with a butt-slap. So when Gumball doesn't get one, he feels insulted. He tries to get Tobias to slap his rear all day but when it doesn't work he decides they need some enforced one-on-one bro-time to build their relationship up to a butt-slap. / The Detective: Anais arrives in the bedroom to find a messy crime-scene and her Daisy doll missing. She realizes Gumball and Darwin are the chief suspects. Following a series of clues is her only chance to track them down and her only hope of learning what happened to Daisy. But as the mystery unravels, it seems the culprits may have turned on each other.

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