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One of the greatest comedic talents was that of Bernie Mac. This is the reason why it isn't any surprise that one of the best comedic shows to be found on television was The Bernie Mac Show. Bernie Mac was a stand up comedian as well as actor who had his own unique style and sense of humor, most of which found base in his real life. While most comedians tend to draw their material from what takes place around them what made Mac's material so fresh and different was that he took events and things from his life that evoked pain and found the humor in them, helping him overcome potential obstacles.

The Bernie Mac Show itself was based in Mac's own experiences. The show's plot deals with Mac and his wife as they take in and decide to raise his sister's three children due to her drug addiction and abandonment of the children. These events took place in Mac's real life and were under the same circumstances. This is something that gives the show an even more realistic feel and emphasizes the point that, although Mac was now a success, he never forgot where he came from and what family really means.

Another part of the show's success is the fact that Mac approached real concerns and real issues that concerned his family and how he chose to deal with it. One aspect that gives a glimpse into Mac's character is the fact that he starts out confident in his ability to deal with the various situations but stays open minded enough to learn from mistakes and set aside his pride to admit when he is wrong. These types of lessons are ones that every parent figure can learn from.

5 Seasons, 104 Episodes - Canceled
November 14, 2001
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  • Jordan tries to take advantage of Bernie's near death experience while Vanessa sets out to prove to everyone that she can get into college without Bernie's help.

  • The taste of money has Vanessa blowing off studying for SATS and college. Jordan gets a big head when he finally grows taller than Vanessa.

  • Wanda is at odds with her sister, Valerie, on her birthday and help comes from an unlikely source-Bryan.

  • Jordan is dating the cutest cheerleader in school.

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