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The Ellen Degeneres Show is a talk show hosted by television personality, comedian and actress Ellen Degeneres. The show revolves around the fun, comedic energy of Ellen. While technically a talk show, Ellen also brings in elements of popular media, game shows, prank shows and more. It debuted in 2003 and has since won a total of 32 Daytime Emmy Awards. It is currently one of the most popular shows on American daytime television and is syndicated in numerous countries besides the United States.

Every episode of The Ellen Degeneres show starts of with music. Ellen makes her entrance by dancing her way to the stage and encouraging the audience to dance with her. Some of her shows involve interviews with celebrities while others grab unknowns from the internet and elsewhere, sometimes launching them to international stardom in the process. The show pulls in very major movie stars, such as the Twilight cast, television stars, such as Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory and musicians, such as Taylor Swift.

The Ellen Degeneres Show utilizes segments in a similar fashion to nighttime talk shows. The audience is often invited to play games for money or prizes. The show also does feel-good giveaways to viewers in need on a regular basis. The games Ellen plays with the audience and guests are often comedic, but the real comedy comes in when Ellen pulls clips and fodder like autocorrect slip-ups from the internet. Perhaps the most popular of the show's segments are the pranks. These include having cast and crew scares in the back before the show and having crew members frighten guests. Another prank that is often seen on Ellen is having people stand in front of the camera not knowing that there is someone else behind them dancing.

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show News

Watch Michelle Obama Take Down Ellen DeGeneres In Push-Up Contest

Americans who can't manage even a brisk walk around the block once a day, we have a special treat: video of your very last excuse dying before your eyes. First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" talked up the joys of getting one's blood pumping. Obama told Degeneres that she often gets in her daily workout starting around 5:30 A.M., and it's usually a good 90 minutes of combined cardio and strength training before she calls it a day. Wanting to test the hype, Degeneres decided she wanted a friendly push-up duel.

Watch Seal Sing 'Let's Stay Together' on 'Ellen'... In Honor of Heidi?

It could be that one of the parties involved in the Heidi Klum/Seal divorce doesn't want it to go through. Seal appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday to promote his upcoming album and talk about the divorce, but wore his wedding band and sang "Let's Stay Together." Was it all a message to Heidi?

Celebrities Give Thanks: How Rapper T.I., Ellen Degeneres, Lil' Wayne and Others Are Giving Back

For some, Thanksgiving is a day just to be grateful to be alive, let alone famous. Here are some of the ways celebrities are giving back to the world some of the bounty they've been given over the last year.

Watch: Ke$ha Thanks Her Two-Million Twitter Followers With Special Video

Ke$ha recently surpassed the two-million followers mark on Twitter, and decided she'd reward her faithful fans with this behind-the-scenes video. It's an exclusive look behind the scenes of her concert tour and a remix of her song "Sleazy." Watch it here.

Ecclestone Sister Nearly Purchases Ellen DeGeneres' Los Angeles Mansion

The loaded Ecclestone sisters have been playing "Dueling Mansions" lately on the Los Angeles real-estate market, and one almost landed Ellen DeGeneres' home. Petra Ecclestone - 22-year-old Croatian-English model, fashion designer, socialite and heiress to former Armani model Slavica and Formula 1 racing billionaire Bernie Ecclestone - recently made an American name for herself by purchasing Candy Spelling's 57,000 square-foot former Holmby Hills mansion for a cool $85 million.

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