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Melanie Barnett, played by Tia Mowry, is the star of BET's television show The Game. Barnett is a med student and the girlfriend of football player Derwin Davis, played by Pooch Hall. Barnett is smart, beautiful and married to a famous and successful man. She's also the stepmom of his three year old son, Derwin Davis, Junior. Eventually, Barnett becomes the President of the San Diego Sunbeams.

When Barnett passes on the opportunity to go to school at Johns Hopkins Medical School in order to stay close to Davis, she's forced to accept and adjust to her brand new life. Davis has recently joined the San Diego Sabres as their third string wide receiver.

Barnett begins to make friends in her new hometown, including Tasha Mack, played by Wendy Raquel Robinson. Mack is a single mom who manages San Diego Sabres quarterback Malik Wright, played by Hosea Chanzes. Mack is an extremely strong woman who knows exactly what she wants. After her old friend Melanie Davis fired her from her job as the Publicist for the San Diego Sabres, Mack went on to start her own public relations firm in California.

Wright eventually becomes estranged from the Sabres when he attend rehab. Once out of rehab, though, he finally feels ready to stay healthy and reclaim his life. While in rehab, Wright met his girlfriend Jenna Rice.

Barnett also befriends reality TV star Kelly Pitts, played by Brittany Daniel, who is married to Jason Pitts, played by Coby Bell. Jason Pitts is another player for the San Diego Sabres who ends up leaving the team. Eventually, Jason and Kelly get divorced as well. On his sports show called The Pitts Stop, Jason talks about sports and continues to brag about his time on the field. Jason has a daughter, Brittany, and a brand new girlfriend, Chardonnay.

There's more than one game being played in this show - football isn't the only sport that's focused on. Barnett starts to learn how the game is played in her own life. The women and wives who support their football playing men have their own rules.

The television show The Game is on BET every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Originally, The Game aired on the CW until 2010.

Tuesday at 10PM et/pt on BET
9 Seasons, 147 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 2, 2006
Comedy, Drama
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The Game Full Episode Guide

  • Tasha is terrified when Pookie accidentally shoots Rick Fox. Chardonnay and Rick bond when she drives him to the hospital.

  • Jason and Kelly are shocked when they find out that the Sabers have been bought by Herbie Lesser. Things continue to go downhill for Jason when he learns the Sabers are stricken with food poisoning. Meanwhile, chaos ensues when Rick Fox and Pookie show up at Tasha's place at the same time. Keira starts to question her relationship with Malik, and Chardonnay questions her relationship with Roger Junior.

  • Tasha's attempt to get Malik and Yana back together falls short after Malik defends his and Keira's relationship. After getting advice from a surprising place, Chardonnay decides to accept Roger Junior's date. Jason and Kelly, with aspirations to buy the Sabers, make their pitch to Roger Junior and eccentric investor, Herbie Lesser, but things go awry when Jason gets jealous.

  • A late night work session with Blue turns into a trip down memory lane for Jason as he recalls the highlights (and lowlights) from the past nine years, including moments with Kelly, Chardonnay, Tasha, Malik, Derwin, Melanie, Blue, and Keira.

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