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The Hills was a reality show on MTV that aired from 2006 to 2010. It focused on the daily life of the main protagonist, Lauren Conrad, and her circle of friends and enemies. Lauren dealt with career woes and drama with friends and boys. The show was something that most young women could relate to on one level or another. Sure, most young women didn't have the wealth and privilege that Lauren and her friends and enemies had, but they dealt with the same types of issues. Boys that don't call, jobs that don't work out, friends who stab you in the back, and having to choose between love and career are problems that many young women face.

In part, Lauren became a blank canvas for many young women, and when she left, the show suffered. You could identify with Lauren's problems and struggles, so you almost could imagine yourself in her shoes. Her pain at Heidi's betrayal hurt, because you, too, knew what it felt like to have a friend abandon you for a guy you thought was a terrible person. You grieved with Lauren when things didn't work out with Jason, the guy she gave up a summer internship in Paris for, because you, too, know what it's like to try to decide between your career and your love life.

In the last season and a half, the show went off the rails a bit due to Lauren's departure. Suddenly, there was no one to identify with anymore. Heidi had gone overboard with plastic surgery, something you couldn't understand. Lo was always one of the most normal in the group, but unlike Lauren, she didn't open herself up to the audience much, and her love life was mostly played out offscreen. Kristin never made you forget that you were watching an actress, someone who was playing out a role onscreen for your entertainment, rather than a young woman with real problems and struggles.

And so, as The Hills came to an end after six seasons, it was with a whimper, not a bang. Without Lauren, the show felt aimless, and no longer felt like it was based in any kind of reality, not even a reality where you're watching rich, privileged young women in their twenties deal with their problems.

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7 Seasons, 106 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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The Hills Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale finds Kristin considering a major life change, while Audrina finally moves on from Justin, and Lo debates taking the next step with her boyfriend

  • On a group trip to Costa Rica, Kristin makes Brody jealous by making out with a local bartender. Meanwhile, Audrina continues to fight her attraction for Justin.

  • Audrina ends things with Ryan and surprisingly Justin shows up for her birthday. Brody exchanges words with Justin.

The Hills News

'Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Announces Third Pregnancy

Surprise! "The Hills" star Kristin Cavallari is pregnant again, as the former reality star announced her third pregnancy with husband Jay Cutler today via her app. "We're at it again!" Cavallari wrote. "Thrilled to announce baby number 3 is on the way! The cutler crew just keeps growin'!" Cavallari accompanied the announcement with a photo of her in their backyard, with the couple's two other children sitting in a red wagon behind her. Cavallari added another little touch to the photo by putting her hands in the shape of a heart over her baby bump.

Oh No, Oh God, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Might Be Trying to Have a Kid

The world is a scary place. Russian troops are invading Eastern Ukraine right now, moving the world ever closer to World War III. But there's a more serious issue facing our lives, nay, our very existence as a species: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt might be trying to have a baby. Montag posted a photo of a ClearBlue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test (retail price $34.99, pricey for a bankrupt former reality couple) on Instagram with the caption, "I found this in the store! Thank you for the advice! Shhhh don't tell @spencerpratt lol!" She topped off her caption with emojis of music notes, a teasing face, and two red exclamation marks, just to make she we know she means business.

Lauren Conrad Marries!

Lauren Conrad has married! The "Hills" and "Laguna Beach" alum-turned-fashion-designer wed fiance William Tell over the weekend, in an intimate ceremony on the coast of California. "What a perfect way to start our lives together, surrounded by the people we love most," the couple said in a statement. Best friend Lo Bosworth acted as a bridesmaid. The bridesmaids were attired in Conrad's own designs from her Paper Crown bridal line. "I sent them all different shapes and let them pick from two colors," Conrad said of the choices.

How Did Kristin Cavallari Lose Her Baby Weight?

What's Kristin Cavallari's secret to slim post-baby body less than six months after giving birth? Healthy eating and no alcohol! Us Weekly caught up with the new mom, 26, at the launch of her jewelry capsule collection with Pascal Mouawad for Glamboutique in L.A. on Tuesday, Feb. 5. While there, she shared her son Camden's latest milestones and revealed how she got in such great shape. Read more her slim post-baby body below: Kristin Cavallari on Her Slim Post-Baby Body When asked about her upcoming wedding with Jay Cutler, Kristin told E!, "We actually have a date, but we're not, you know, telling anyone details.

Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge's Bling Ring Burglar Gets Jail With Plea

Look on the bright side, kid: two years is a decent amount of time to ponder just where the crime went wrong. That's how long E! News reports 21-year-old Bling Ring burglar Nicholas Prugo will be spending behind bars after pleading no-contest to stealing from famous marks Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge. Prugo copped the plea today to a two-year prison term and testimony against his three accomplices in exchange for prosecutors dropping the burglary charges he faced for breaking into the homes of Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton.

Peaches and L.C.: Lauren Conrad Dyes Hair to Match My Little Pony

After “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad confessed that her newfound hair inspiration comes from My Little Pony, it’s easy to speculate that the pseudo-reality actress could be gunning for some sort of modern twist on the classic Hasbro cartoon. In reality, the funky look was demanded by her fans on TheBeautyDepartment, a blog she runs with hairstylist Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine. Fans voted that Conrad dye her hair peach using a dip-dye technique. "I have been bitten my the color bug once again! I first saw these orange streaks on the runway and thought they would be so pretty toned down a bit," she said.

Audrina Patridge: Don't Count On A Movie Version of 'The Hills'

I've had a pretty good day. The sky is blue. All the leaves are green. My heart's as warm as a baked potato. My coffee tastes superb. I have a healthy but filling breakfast in my belly. But what tops all that? This one fact: former "The Hills" cast member Audrina Patridge assuaging the world's concerns via TMZ and assuring us that a feature-length version of "The Hills" will probably never happen, suggesting that just maybe, someone will stop giving these "actresses" money for doing anything but not burning my french fries.

Please Don't: Audrina Patridge Wants Movie Version of 'The Hills'

Of the many, many shows on television that I would love to see turned into a movie (let's get a "Cake Boss" movie going, everyone! Time's a-wasting!), "The Hills" is not on my list. In fact, I did a little jig the day "The Hills" went off the air, because I assumed (correctly) that it would mean the end of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. But Audrina Patridge told Ryan Seacrest that a movie version of "The Hills" might be in the works soon. "We were kind of all just so fed up with each other that we all needed a little break," she explained.

He Put a Ring On It: Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Are Engaged!

"The Hills" meets the gridiron? Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend fiancé, NFL quarterback, Jay Cutler are taking the next step in the 8 month relationship. Cutler ended his season for the Chicago Bears on January, losing to the Green Bay Packers after suffering an MCL tear in his knee in the middle of the game and spending the second half on the sidelines. Sounds like he's off the bench and back in the game, though, at least as far as Cavallari is concerned.

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