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Bessie Higgenbottom, a Honeybee girl scout, firmly believes that she will become a powerful superhero called The Mighty B if she can just collect all of the Honeybee scout badges. With her positive, upbeat attitude, how can she possibly fail? Bessie lives in San Francisco, California, wears her Honeybee uniform every day, and is super positive about everything in life. Bessie's best friend is a stray dog named Happy, who is eager to help. Her younger brother, Ben, aspires to be her sidekick, believing that Bessie will some day become the superhero she dreams of being. Bessie and Ben live with their single mother, who they are always eager to help.

This bright, energetic, animated series opened to critical acclaim, and was given generally positive reviews. It has received awards, and is loved by children, and adults, alike.

Saturdays at 11:00 am on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Canceled
Animation & Cartoons
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The Mighty B! Full Episode Guide

  • Millie asks Bessie to turtle-sit Chester Turtleton while she goes on a trip. He soon finds out that life with Bessie is far more exciting than the life he knows with Millie.While playing pirate, Bessie and Happy find gold.

  • Bessie and Happy accidentally drink Hippie's magic hair potion and end up with massive amounts of hair and fur.When Bessie wins a radio contest and gets two tickets to a sold-out concert, everyone vies to be her Plus One.

  • When Portia calls Bessie "like, a robot," Bessie starts to believe it might be true.It's the anniversary of Bessie and Happy becoming Best Friends Forever, so they decide to celebrate by having a BFF commitment ceremony!

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