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The Mob Doctor is an American medical drama broadcast and produced by the Fox network in the U.S. Centered on the career of Doctor Grace Devlin, the show revolves around her work at one of Chicago's top hospitals as she attempts to work off the gambling debt's incurred by her brother Nate. Because of Nate's gambling debt's Grace cannot escape Chicago's Southside mob or her dysfunctional family.

Created by television drama veterans Josh Berman and Rob Wright the show stars TV and film actress Jordana Spiro as the titular mob doctor, best known as P.J. Franklin on the TBS show My Boys. Spiro's character in The Mob Doctor is ordered by members of the Chicago Mafia to perform illegal operations or kill their enemies or they will kill her brother who has large gambling debts. Grace Devlin is not allowed to tell anybody outside the Chicago mob of the work she does for the criminal underworld; even her brother Nate, played by Jesse Lee Soffer is not aware that his gambling debts are being worked off by his sister.

Alongside the work for the Chicago mafia the show also tells the story of the legal work completed by Devlin at Chicago's Roosevelt Medical Center. The 13 episode first season aired as part of the Fix fall season in 2012 with guest appearances by Michael Rappaport as the Chicago Mob boss Paul Moretti. Josh Berman and Rob Wright worked together on Drop Dead Diva and have television credits including Crossing Jordan and Law and Order.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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The Mob Doctor Full Episode Guide

  • In the first season finale, Grace's world continues to deteriorate, while the FBI closes in on Constantine. She attempts to define her role in both worlds.

  • Constantine seeks assistance from a Chicago mob colleague in an attempt to help his estranged son Garrett, who is deep in debt to the ruthless Nogales Cartel. As payback for the favor, Constantine orders Grace to treat Trapani's girlfriend, who is harboring a shocking secret.

  • When a champagne bomb is delivered to Constantine, he and Celeste try to determine who wants him dead. Meanwhile, Nate seeks Grace's help after an accident. Back at Roosevelt Medical Center, Grace treats Brett's estranged brother, Jack Hanson, following a severe cycling accident.

  • Dr. Devlin and Dr. Robinson treat a priest who was wounded during an exorcism of a demon. After Constantine learns that newcomer Russell King is determined to take over downtown, he seeks help from Celeste and Al Trapani. Meanwhile, Dr. Devlin helps a runaway who may have witnessed a murder.

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The Mob Doctor Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot Recap

The Mob Doctor Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot is a new drama from Fox. The show stars Jordana Spiro as Dr. Grace who is a doctor that has a brother who is in debt to the mob. While trying to pay back the mob she must balance work and home life.

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