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The Twilight Zone was a dramatic series on CBS television back in the 1960's. There was no regular cast, just a different dramatic story each week. Many motion picture and television stars of the day had starring roles in each episode. The series was created by Rod Serling. Many of the episodes became famous for the stars, and the plots. For example, Burgess Meredith played a bank teller who loved to take his lunch in the bank vault and read. He was an insatiable reader. Burgess Meredith's character also wore very thick bi-focal glasses. One day, while he is in the vault, there is an attack on the United States.

The country is bombed, but Burgess Meredith's character is completely unhurt, because he is protected by the vault. He realizes he is the only person left alive. While he is collecting dozens of books around him, totally elated that he can read all he wants, his glassed fall off his head and break. He is left unable to read.

Many episodes had a science fiction type story, while others had supernatural stories as the theme. Agnes Moorhead, Earl Holliman, Elizabeth Montgomery and William Shatner had starring roles in some of more memorable episodes. William Shatners' episode is memorable because of its mixture of science fiction and psychological drama. Shatner portrays a man recently released from a mental hospital, who had a nervous breakdown. While on the way home by plane, he swears he sees a creature trying to destroy the engine while in flight.

The Twilight Zone was initially a half hour long. Eventually CBS extended it to an hour, and then filmed it in color. Many years after it was taken off television, there was a motion picture made. But the television series continues to be broadcast in syndication even today. Rod Serling not only created the series, he also wrote many of the scripts.

5 Seasons, 156 Episodes - Canceled
October 1, 1959
Science Fiction, Drama
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  • Two children escape their bickering parents by wandering into a world of happiness from the bottom of the swimming pool.

  • A woman calls in a police report of a giant visitor from outer space.

  • A folk singer becomes obsessed with taping a ballad he heard sung by a backwoods girl.

  • An entire staff is fired by a heartless industrialist and replaced by machines, which soon revolt.

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