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The Unusuals is a short comedy-drama series centered around a dysfunctional cop presinct full of secrets. This is a light drama, mostly serious with a little bit of comedy thrown in. Detect Casey Shraeger is a young cop from a very wealthy family. She chose to join the force due to wanting to do something good, rather than just for the money.

She is assigned there to clean up the unit. Her boss, Sergeant Harvey Brown, sent her there to clean up the precinct. He chose Detective Shraeger because he feels that she is almost incorruptible.

She and her new partner, Detective Jason Walsh are looking for the killer of his previous partner, Kowalski, a corrupt cop investigating other corrupt cops. Their investigation leads them to Detective Henry Cole, and his partner, Allison Beaumont, who is also Detective Walsh's girlfriend. Detective Cole has had quite the history, going by another name and robbing an armored van.

Other colorful characters include, Leo Banks, his partner, Eric Delahoy, and Eddie Alvarez, each of them with their own secrets and quirks.

Leo Banks, who wears a bullet-proof vest everywhere he goes, has a fear of dying at the age of forty-two, the same age his brother, father, grandfather, and uncle died.

Eric Delahoy has a brain tumor that will kill him unless he has surgery. He is afraid that any treatment could kill or disable him.

Eddie Alvarez is a "lone wolf" and always refers to himself in the third person.

In addition to the main story lines, each week there is a different case for them to solve. Even with only ten episodes, the Unusuals managed to warp up the major story lines, although we never find out what happens to Delahoy and his tumor.

So, with it's darkly comedic story lines, quirky characters, and witty dialogue, The Unusuals, is one unique and interesting show.

1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
April 8, 2009
Comedy, Drama
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The Unusuals Full Episode Guide

  • Beaumont and Cole try to catch those responsible for making adults films in an apartment complex by going undercover. Meanwhile, Scraeger becomes emotionally involved in helping a serial accuser who fell victim of a violent attack 10 years earlier after disappearing from a big prep school party.

  • Walsh and Shraeger look into the murder of drug store owner who was shot while running naked in the Lower East Side. When the victim's daughter's boyfriend tells the detectives about a confrontation the victim had with a loan shark, the case must take a new direction to solve the murder. Meanwhile, Beaumont and Cole investigate theft of tapes from an apology line service, and Delahoy convinces the medical examiner to give him an MRI.

  • A U.S. Marshal gets Alvarez to release a robbery suspect into his custody, but questions soon arise about the marshal after the precinct receives a fake bomb threat. Elsewhere, Banks attempts to hibernate in his apartment until his next birthday.

  • A wealthy businessman that Shraeger and Walsh were supposed to be protecting goes missing, and a ransom call demands $10 million for his safe return. Elsewhere, Banks and Delahoy search for an elderly man who's on a crime spree.

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