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The Wallflower is a television series depicting a girl who was called ugly by the first love of her life. Devastated she takes on an attitude of rejecting beauty in any form in herself as well as in the life around her. Her personal trauma is so profound that she ends up suffering nosebleeds each time she sees beauty. The show originates in Japan so English speakers must read subtitles. The anime format makes this series visually compelling to watch.

The target audience for this program is mainly for teenagers from age thirteen and up. This age demographic is experiencing their first encounters with having a positive self image and many will relate to the self image challenges that the protagonist is experiencing.

The characters include those keen on helping the Wallflower emerge from her state of self denial. This helps to reinforce the importance of cultivating friendships so that one does not need to feel alone when confronting the challenges that life will inevitably throw in one's path.

The plot in each series focuses on issues that are important to the viewer. They have an opportunity to learn lessons from each story that they can apply to their own lives. Many young people today experience low self worth and some will often be bullied to the point that they will end their lives.

The series can help the viewers to see their pain more objectively through the experiences of the protagonist and to realize that there are good solutions within arm's reach. The stories in the series contain many intrigues and reflect the intricacies of what can happen in real life as well.

The term the wallflower has been used for many decades and reflects the rejection a young woman experiences when not asked to dance. The sense of rejection in the early years of one's life can remain with them forever. Television programs like this help to address this sense of isolation and find ways of positively coping with it.

1 Season, 25 Episodes - Canceled
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The Wallflower Full Episode Guide

  • Chaos ensues when Auntie pops into check on the progress of her niece's journey down the "Road to Womanhood."

  • When Kyohei runs away, Sunako and the rest of the boys are willing to do whatever it takes to bring their friend back home again.

  • If he wants to get Sunako back, Kyohei has only one option: he must return home - and risk a confrontation with his mother!

  • A gang of crazed shopkeepers hatches a plot to kidnap one of the boys, but somehow they end up grabbing Sunako as well!

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