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The Wendy Williams Show is a daily hour long talk show based in New York City that is hosted by Wendy Williams, an outspoken African American woman with a burst of energy. On the show, Wendy interviews both celebrities and everyday people with interesting issues. The show also features a segment called “Ask Wendy” where members of the studio audience are allowed the chance to get Wendy’s opinion on a multitude of subjects. Wendy weighs in on current events and offers her opinions, even if controversial. Wendy tends to keep the show upbeat and full of energy as no one topic is studied too closely. Other segments that are a common occurrence on the show are cooking tips with celebrity chefs and fashion advice with celebrity stylists. The audience feeds off of Wendy’s raw energy and applause and cheers can be heard from behind the camera throughout the entire show.

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July 14, 2008
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  • Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Brian Balthazar

  • Lance Bass, Jackie Miranne

  • Christina Milian

  • Jill Kargman

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What Did Wendy Say? Williams vs. Chris Brown: Multiple Choice and VIDEO RESPONSE!

Question: Earlier this week on the Wendy Williams Show, host Wendy Williams criticized Chris Brown for what of the following: a. Flying into a fit of rage and breaking a window in his "Good Morning America" dressing room. b. Not preparing for the interview. c. Having girly arms. d. Wearing pants that are too tight Answer: e. All of the above Yeah….

Vivica A. Fox is Planning On Babies Now at Age 46

Vivica A Fox shared a lot with the viewers of Wendy Williams’ show last week. Vivica gushed over her boyfriend – who is only 26 years old – and said in front of everyone she planned on marrying him. Gee, I wonder if he knew that? And does that mean he doesn’t have to buy an engagement ring, since it seems she is pulling all of the shots? Yes, Vivica is 46 years old now.

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