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This is a reality show about a black woman that is trying to develop a professional life and career and keep her family together. She is trying to keep her family literally off the streets and help her four brothers through some tough times in their lives. Her mother is overcoming a drug addiction and her brother was recently released from a long term prison. With all these challenges, Toya starts to think about marriage with a music mogul.

Her brother Rudy is not taking his education seriously, Casey is learning about fatherhood, and her other brother Josh has his growing pains. In episode 16 Toya prepares for her wedding despite bad weather and the jitters. They seek the support of family and friends as they plan the wedding. Toya eventually plans to meet her boyfriends family. When she has a pregnancy scare trust issue come up for her. Despite all these problems she opens a store to show her daughter from another marriage that dreams can come true. Walter tries to to move his music career along in a big way.

Toya tries to help her brothers while keeping the store going and helping Walter with his rap career. The first season one has 14 episodes for viewers to watch. This show is suitable for children 14 to 16 year and older. It has violence, sex, drugs, and language subjects that it deal with in a real setting. The show gives a look at real family trying to over come some serious issues that many families face.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on BET
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 12, 2011
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Toya: A Family Affair Full Episode Guide

  • As the big day approaches, the weather threatens to ruin the ceremony. Family and friends gather to support the happy couple.

  • As Toya and Memphitz prepare for their wedding day, they also anticipate marriage by acquiring new skills and taking advice from friends and family.

  • Reginae's birthday party reunites some old friends. Meanwhile private feelings and issues come out as the family opens up during counseling.

  • The whole family plans for the future, with Memphitz and Toya anticipating their married life, Rudy continuing his education, and Casey and Gay Gay working on their relationship and parenting.

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