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True Life is an original MTV reality and documentary series that chronicles that lives of individuals who are facing adversity in a variety of ways. Each episode focuses on a single issue and individuals whose lives are affected by that issue. There are usually three people featured in every episode. Their lives are taped for the duration of filming so viewers can get an idea of what it is like to live with whatever challenge is being highlighted for that episode.

The first episode of True Life aired on MTV in 1998. It covered the trials of people who are addicted to heroin. Since that time, there have been several addiction episodes that range from street drugs to prescription pharmaceuticals. The show also touches on relationship issues like homosexuality and open relationships. There are episodes covering mental illnesses and physical illnesses. There are even life goal oriented episodes, such as is the case with several modeling and sports episodes.

True Life has featured many now famous people. Examples include Kelly Cutrone, who is now a famous fashion publicist. She has been featured on a number of reality shows since her time on True Life. Frank Edgar starred on the show and went on to become a UFC Lightweight Champion. They were both featured in life goal style episodes that covered their chosen professions and their struggles and successes in them.

The series has won numerous awards and has been on air for more than 13 years. It has won three GLAAD awards for episodes dealing with homosexuality and lesbianism. It has also won awards for episodes about racism and drug addiction.

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  • Featuring two young women who feel shunned by their loved ones. Will they be able to get back in their family's good graces?

  • Two young women suffering from epilepsy try to keep their symptoms under control.

  • Two young adults are obsessed with looking like teenagers, no matter the consequences.

True Life News

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