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Everyone loves to laugh and it's even better when it's at the expense of other people's obvious stupidity. Now understand something, stupidity is when you know better but do it anyway. Now, combine this mentality with criminals that have been caught on security camera and throw in the sarcastic and comedic observations of former famous personalities such as Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduce, Tanya Harding and Todd Bridges as well as several others who make their living observing people's stupidity and you have the entertainment that is ‘Worlds Dumbest'.

‘Worlds Dumbest' does cover more than stupid criminals who chose was to make their claim to fame by demonstrating their lack of intelligence on security cameras. Some of the topics you see on this hilarious reality show would be partiers, stunts, drivers and practical jokes. What makes this such a fresh and exciting change would be the fact that it's completely unscripted and you never know what you're going to see, combine that with the commentary from personalities who pulled their own bone headed stunts that should have known better and you have an absolute winner.

The shows format is a simple one; it utilizes a countdown system of 1 to 20 and works it's way backwards in order of least to most. Of course the particular clip that shows the most stupidity is our winner. The only exception to the ‘dumbest' rule would be that of ‘The World's Smartest Inventions'. These volumes covered the weird and odd inventions that can be found on late night television that, for some reason, actually turn heads and profits. Although most people would look at these devices and just shake their heads, there are apparently enough people out there who thought it a worthwhile investment to make the inventors wealthy.

If for no other reason than to enjoy a chuckle or two at the expense of other's obvious stupidity, check out ‘World's Dumbest.' If nothing else you'll feel much more confident in your own level of intelligence after seeing these people.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on truTV
16 Seasons, 226 Episodes - Canceled
March 13, 2008
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  • Showcasing America's dumbest of dumb.

  • Counting down 20 of America's dumbest of dumb patriots.

  • TruTV presents some of the world's smartest inventions 13.

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