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Unsolved Mysteries is a TV show which was directed and aired in America. It is telling the tales of many unsolved cases which have evolved over time into mysteries. It is hosted by the one and only, Robert Stack. The show aired on CBS, NBC, Lifetime, and Spike. The show was filmed in a documentary style of broadcasting. It told tale after tale of real-life mysteries that have still yet to have been solved by police or detectives for sure. The tales vary from something such as a missing person who has still not been found dead or alive all the way to extra phenomenon like UFO's and alien life. The show displays an eerie type theme, and leaves the question at the end of the unknown. In one episode of the show it was the unsolved mystery of Tupac Shakur, with a guest star journalist, Cathy Scott. It displayed some information which the public had yet to find out. This intrigued many audiences. It became a hit for many years.

The TV show, Unsolved Mysteries, portrays all of the stories which are being told with a narrator and actors setting up the scene. It lets the viewers see what happened in the real life setting from the victims and witnesses point of view. The scenes are set up in a style which had yet to be filmed, besides an earlier rendition of the show, and a show called, Wanted.

This TV program can be purchased on DVD. The show also created the idea for many spin off versions to become popular such as, Final Appeal, Escape from Terror and From The Files Of Unsolved Mysteries. Some famous actors also appeared in various episodes of the TV show which included, Matthew McConaughey, Cheryl Hines, Bill Moseley, and Blake Clark. The show is no longer airing but can be viewed multiple ways still.

Weeknights 5:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
14 Seasons, 577 Episodes - Returning Series
January 20, 1987
Crime, Documentary & Biography, Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries
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