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Vegas is a television show that premiered in September 2012 on the station, CBS. The two main stars of the show are Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid. The show takes place in Los Vegas during the U.S.S.R.; Chiklis plays Chicago mobster Vincent Savino and Quaid plays Sheriff Ralph Lamb. The mobster ends up moving west to start his own operation in a new area. Lamb's character is loosely based on a real man who was a rancher turned Sheriff of Clark County from 1961 to 1979. Although not everything in the story are based on true events, some of the things in the story are based on true events.

The show's plot is about Ralph Lamb as he a cattle herder who becomes the sheriff who when the former person who held the Poston gone missing. There is a young female who is found deceased in the desert, and the audience is not sure who that is. The character Vincent Savino is also important to the plot because he begins to run "The Savoy," and that is a local casino that brings a lot of high rollers to the Vegas area. The second episode shows Sheriff Lamb investigating a craps dealer murder.

Also in this episode the audience finds out that Mia Rizzo is back in Chicago, and she is a member of Savino's mob. She is hired as the manager to the count room. In the third episode, Mia's father causes a problem for Savino's business because her father has a gambling problem. Another aspect to the plot is the Olympic boxer who has been found bludgeoned to death.

There have been a total of eight episodes altogether, and the show has been successful in other countries as well such as: Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines. You will have to watch the show to see how the other five episodes go!

1 Season, 21 Episodes - Canceled
September 25, 2012
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  • Sheriff Lamb and Savino team up to take out Porter Gainsley, the man responsible for injuring Katherine and who Lamb believes killed his wife. Meanwhile, Jack plans to propose to Mia.

  • When Sheriff Lamb investigates the death of Porter Gainsely's attorney, retaliation attacks injure Katherine and leaves Lamb without a badge. Meanwhile, Sheriff Lamb makes a discovery that could reveal the truth behind his wife's untimely death.

  • During the investigation of the murder of a Savoy craps dealer, a desperate suspect takes Mia hostage, demanding a ransom for his getaway. Meanwhile, Savino tries to manipulate Gainsley when The Tumbleweed Casino reopens, and Yvonne reconsiders her new relationship with Dixon when her ethnicity becomes an issue.

  • Sheriff Lamb attempts to help his son after a bruised Violet accuses him of physical assault. Meanwhile, Savino has his own problems when Lena finds a gambler's body in one of the Savoy's suites.

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