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Veronica Mars is a highschool detective show, named after the lead character, Veronica Mars. The series starred Kristen Bell and was aired on The CW Television Network. The show ran for a total of three seasons, but remains popular with fans. The series is set in a fictional town in California, where Veronica goes to school in the day and works for her father's detective agency, Mars Investigations, at night.

The show's first season began with a mystery surrounding the murder of Veronica's best friend and classmate, and chronicles her investigation of what was supposedly already a solved case. In the second season, Veronica narrowly avoids death when a school bus- which she was supposed to have been on- crashes, killing most of the passengers. Veronica teams up with a member of a biker gang, whose fellow gang member had been murdered, in order to discover why the bus crashed, and to catch the murderer.

The third and final season of Veronica Mars shows Veronica's move from highschool into college. The show itself changed as well, switching formats and showing two separate mysteries in a season, as opposed to one mystery per season as had been done previously. First, when Veronica's roommate is assaulted along with other young women on campus, Veronica sets out to catch the culprit. Next, when the college dean is murdered, Veronica sets out to prove the innocence of one of her professors. The show was a critical success, and its cancellation drew angry protests from fans.

The CW
3 Seasons, 64 Episodes - Canceled
September 22, 2004
Drama, Action & Adventure
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Veronica Mars Full Episode Guide

  • Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards to Hearst students, but claims he is being framed because of his criminal background, and asks Veronica to clear his name. On Piz's radio show, Keith debates Vinnie about the upcoming election, while a tipsy Dick apologizes to Mac for the way he has treated her in the past. Veronica and Piz make up after their argument about spending their summer apart, and a mysterious sex tape of the two finds its way to the Internet.

  • Veronica passes her exam to be an official Private Investigator, while Piz lands an interview with Apollo Bukenya, an African student at Hearst who wrote a book about his years as an orphan child-soldier in Uganda's rebel army. Veronica is hired by an African man, Kizza, to help prove that he is Apollo's father, but her investigation leads to information that might expose Apollo's story as a fake. Meanwhile, as the election for Sheriff nears, Keith is faced with a crime spree in Neptune. Parker comes to Veronica for advice about Logan after learning he planned to spend the summer surfing with Dick.

  • Desmond Fellows (Paul Rudd), a singer/musician from a 1990's pop band arrives on the Hearst campus to perform at a benefit concert to keep the station from going out of business. Piz gets the job of his dreams when he is put in charge of hosting Fellows around campus and on air. However his dreams start to dissolve as things don't go quite how he imagined, in more ways then one. Keith is excited about the upcoming Sheriff's race unopposed until he unwittingly helps promote an unlikely candidate who throws his hat into the ring.

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