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Showtime's Weeds follows the life of a drug-dealing suburban mom. Widowed after a sudden heart attack kills her husband, Nancy, the main character, struggles to support her two sons in the lifestyle to which the family is accustomed. In order to keep up appearances, Nancy turns to selling cannabis.

Nancy tries to keep herself as clean as possible. She refuses to sell anything harder than weed. She doesn't let her sons know what she's doing. She tries to maintain the perfect upper-class life that she had before her husband passed. Unfortunately, her system eventually begins to fail. She's drawn into the criminal world and her sons discover what she's doing to support the family. Even her friends and neighbors discover what's happening. Despite her spiral downwards, Nancy strives to maintain normalcy for her family. Viewers can relate to her desire to take care of her sons and maintain her reputation in the community.

Fans of the show appreciate that it reveals the dark secrets lurking behind suburban bliss. Nancy is shocked to discover that many of her neighbors are potheads and she has no problems selling her product. The show's theme song, "Little Boxes," plays on the myth of suburbia by mocking the supposed sameness of everyone in the suburbs.

Nancy's family also struggles to deal with the death of their patriarch. Her sons struggle to grow up without a father, especially as Nancy's cousin tries and fails to be a father figure. Despite the inherent drama, the show offers plenty of humor to keep things entertaining. Weeds has lasted eight seasons because viewers are addicted to the drama and comedy that Weeds producers deal out every year.

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8 Seasons, 102 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Weeds Full Episode Guide

  • The Bartwins (and Doug) are at a crossroads. Season finale part 2.

  • In the series finale, the Botwins, Andy and Doug all reach a crossroads in their love lives and in their careers.

  • Nancy, Andy and Silas take a trip. Shane gets caught stealing. Meanwhile, Doug abandons his charity to pursue a more lucrative scheme.

  • Silas prepares for his professional venture; Nancy has a dinner date with Rabbi Dave and some of his friends; Andy wants the family to meet someone.

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Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 Recap - Allosaurus Crush Castle

Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: This week’s episode starts off with Nancy meeting with an executive recruiter as a result of last week’s episode that she is out of money. Nancy runs through a list of her qualifications, but he only met with her because of the curiosity of her shooting. That disappointment turns into an opportunity for Nancy when she sees the father of one of Stevie’s teammates seemingly dealing drugs to the other fathers. The dealer, Terry, runs a pharmaceutical business and was handing the other fathers the drugs they need to deal with their own illnesses.

Watch Weeds - Season 8 Episode 1 Premiere - 'Messy' Online Now

Episode Title: Weeds Season 8, Episode 801 In the Season 8 premiere, Andy and Jill reignite their inappropriate romance and Shane tells Silas about his new job. Meanwhile, Doug and Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) share an awkward moment. The identities of the shooter and who got smoked are revealed. Catch new episodes of 'Weeds' Sunday's at 10PM ET/PT on Showtime. Watch the full episode of 'Weeds' below: .

Watch the First Episodes of 'The Newsroom,' 'Episodes' and 'Weeds' Online, for Free

On Sunday night, HBO's new Aaron Sorkin series "The Newsroom" premiered to a solid 2.1 million viewers, making it the pay channel's best drama debut since 2008. It went so well, in fact, that HBO is ready to share the premiere episode with everyone, whether they subscribe to HBO or not. Yes, the premiere episode of "The Newsroom" is available to watch for free on YouTube or on The show stars Jeff Daniels as a newscaster on a CNN-esque network who shakes up the norm with his off-air comments.

'Weeds' Season 8 Teaser: Who Fired the Shot? (VIDEO)

If you haven't seen season 7 of "Weeds" yet, be careful: there are SPOILERS ahead! That last season of "Weeds" ended with quite the cliffhanger: as Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and her family finally thought they had gotten away from all the craziness, someone in the bushes with a sniper rifle took at shot at them. Nancy was in the crosshairs, but the question still remains: who was shot, and who did the shooting? The new teaser trailer for season 8 of "Weeds" asks that very same question.

'Weed Wars': Discovery Series to Go Inside Legal Pot Shops (Video)

You don't need to be an avid watcher of "Weeds" or a closet fan of "Half Baked" to understand that weed, legal or otherwise, is a massive business. When California passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, pot dispensaries dedicated to providing medical marijuana in smokable and edible form to patients with prescriptions started popping up all over. While that meant a whole lot of small, stony shops sprouting up throughout the state (and eventually in 16 other states), it also meant the launch of a new breed of professional and sophisticated dispensaries that were as serious about the business as they were about providing the dankest of nuggets.

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