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Wheeler Dealers is a show that started off in the United Kingdom but eventually became popular in the United States. The show is all about 2 men, Mike and Edd, and the various cars they purchase and resell for profit. Both men have extensive experience in the used car world and have significant mechanical abilities which helps them repair any and all problems the encounter when preparing to buy or sell a car.

Each episode usually features a single car that the men will purchase, usually it is something unique or somewhat uncommon, and the cars almost always have some sort of significant problem. Sometimes the cars have significant body damage that needs repaired but more often the cars have minor mechanical or electrical problems that can be quickly and cheaply fixed by Edd. Wheeler Dealers also walks the audience through many of the processes involved in repairing or replacing bits and pieces of a car so that they can understand what is actually being done to the car in the show.

Towards the end of each episode Mike and sometimes Edd generally take the car out for a test drive and begin approaching potential buyers. Mike also usually gets the opportunity to see a well maintained example of whatever car they are working on so he can get a good idea of how the car should look and perform when complete. At the end Mike often makes a deal to sell the car to whoever is interested and the total profit for the two is calculated based on the purchase price as well as work and labor done on the car to get it ready. Sometimes the guys make a little bit of money buying and repairing the cars but a large amount of the time they barely break even or even lose a little bit of money due to more costly repairs than what they expected.

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Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
12 Seasons, 123 Episodes - Currently Airing
Automotive, Reality
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Wheeler Dealers Full Episode Guide

  • To celebrate their 100th car, Mike and Edd take on a car that is over a hundred years old; but you won't find parts on the shelf and Edd will need every ounce of his ingenuity to put this piece back on the road and ready for the London to Brighton Run?

  • The BMW Z1 was an eighties high-tech masterpiece. Mike is no fan of yellow cars but this is the cheapest Z1 in Europe. When he returns from Holland can he convince Edd to take on this cult classic rag top and return it to its former glory?

  • A California car makes for a remarkable bus to buy but you pay a premium. So Mike turns his back on the surfer set in search of an air-cooled icon of his very own and snaps up a bargain. Mike wants to spend cash on this bus but Ed prefers a campervan.

  • Mike finds a solid Californian car that's missing some of those optional extras and Edd sets about some clever fixes using rare recon parts in the hope of adding value to this all-time American classic.

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