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The Wonder Pets is a children's show that follows the adventures of three classroom pets--Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling. The Wonder Pets see themselves as tiny superheroes, coming to the aid of an animal in trouble. Linny is their fearless leader. Tuck is sensitive and caring. Ming-Ming is the comic relief.

At the start of every episode, the Wonder Pets seem like typical class pets. Their time relaxing is interrupted by the telephone ringing. When they answer the phone, they learn there is an animal in trouble. They throw on their Wonder Pets capes and spring into action. They hop on their "Flyboat"--a flying boat constructed from classroom toys--and rush to the rescue. Before they leave, they usually struggle with a problem in the classroom. They work together to find a solution; this always comes in handy later in the episode.

Once they reach the animal, the Wonder Pets plan a way to help. Generally, they are unsuccessful in their first attempts to rescue the animal. Luckily, the reason the animal is in trouble mimics the struggle in the classroom earlier. They remember what they learned to solve the problem in the classroom and apply that lesson to rescue the animal. Once the animal is rescued, its parent joins them and profusely thanks the Wonder Pets. They celebrate with a bit of celery, their favorite treat. At the end of the episode, the fly back to the classroom and Linny gives a secret wink to the audience.

A typical episode is fifteen minutes long; this is the perfect amount of time for a young child with a shorter attention span. Every episode features song and music that will delight any child. Children will enjoy the simple animation, likable characters, and easy to follow dialogue. The storyline can be predictable but children will appreciate the repetition. Parents will appreciate the lessons their chidren learn about teamwork, patience, and compassion for others. Parents and children alike will cheer the Wonder Pets on as they save the day.

Weekdays 11:00 AM et/pt on Nick Jr.
3 Seasons, 59 Episodes - Canceled
March 3, 2006
Children, Animation & Cartoons
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Wonder Pets Full Episode Guide

  • When Aunt Eleanora asks Ming-Ming to watch little Marvin, Ming-Ming brings the whole team to KalamaZoo!/When Bee and Slug decide to explore what life is like underground, they get stuck in some ooey gooey mud.

  • The Wonder Pets travel to Cape Cod to help a trapped Lobster free himself before the trap is raised./Floppy the Elephant comes to the classroom for a sleepover with Tuck. The Wonder Pets must help Floppy when he gets homesick.

  • The Wonder Pets get a call from Humpty Dumpty who is teetering precariously on a wall in a pop-up book./The team must show a colony of Meerkats the joys of voting when they can't agree on how to handle a lurking Jackal.

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