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"Getting in was easy... getting out was war!!!"
  • R
  • 1981
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 5.6  (1,242)

High Risk is a 1981 action-comedy movie directed by Stewart Raffill, who is also known for his work on movies like The Philadelphia Experiment and The Ice Pirates. James Brolin plays Clint Harris, the leader of a team of four international adventurers who are hired to steal a priceless diamond from a high-security fortress in South America. The team's mission is complicated by the fact that the diamond is located in the center of a live volcano, which adds an additional element of danger to an already high-risk operation. Along the way, the team must navigate dangerous terrain, outsmart adversaries, and grapple with their own personal demons.

The movie's opening scene sets the tone for the adventure that follows. The camera pans across an idyllic South American jungle landscape, and we hear the sound of a small plane approaching. The plane lands in a clearing, and we meet the four members of the team. Clint Harris is the leader, a former CIA agent who now makes a living as a hired gun. The other members are Tommy (James Coburn), a former stuntman who is now looking for his next adrenaline fix; Dan (Chick Vennera), a wise-cracking safecracker with a gambling problem; and High Card (Cleavon Little), a pilot with a fondness for alcohol.

The team is hired by Raphael Valdez (Anthony Quinn), a shadowy figure who wants them to steal a diamond from the vault of his arch-nemesis, Emilio Salvatore (Ernest Borgnine). Salvatore is a wealthy and powerful man who lives in a fortress at the top of a live volcano. The diamond is the key to a fortune in emeralds that Salvatore has stashed away in his vault, and Valdez wants it at any cost.

The team sets out across the jungle to find a way into Salvatore's fortress. High Card flies them to their destination, but their arrival is not unnoticed. Salvatore's henchmen, led by the ruthless Jorge (Bruce Davison), are waiting for them. A high-speed chase through the jungle ensues, complete with explosions, gun battles, and cliff dives. The team ultimately escapes and regroups to form a plan for their next attack.

Their plan involves infiltrating Salvatore's fortress under the guise of a team of scientists studying the volcano. Lindsay Wagner plays Sarah, a real scientist who unwittingly becomes part of the team's scheme. As they work their way through the fortress, the team encounters a number of obstacles, including the aforementioned live volcano, booby traps, and Salvatore's personal army of guards.

Despite the danger, the team manages to make it to Salvatore's vault and steal the diamond. But their escape is not as simple as they had hoped. Salvatore's henchmen are hot on their trail, and the live volcano threatens to erupt at any moment. What follows is a thrilling action sequence that involves helicopters, explosions, and death-defying stunts.

High Risk is a fun, action-packed movie that delivers on its promise of high-stakes adventure. The cast is top-notch, with James Brolin giving a charismatic performance as the leader of the team. Anthony Quinn is suitably menacing as Salvatore, and Lindsay Wagner provides a touch of humanity to the proceedings. The action scenes are well-staged, with Raffill showing off his knack for creating thrilling set-pieces.

One of the movie's strengths is its ability to balance humor and action. The banter between the team members is often witty and amusing, and helps to alleviate some of the tension in the more intense scenes. Chick Vennera's Dan is particularly hilarious, with his constant one-liners and over-the-top antics.

The movie does suffer from some outdated elements, particularly in its portrayal of female characters. Wagner's Sarah is often relegated to the role of damsel in distress, and is frequently objectified by her male counterparts. This is a common issue in action movies of this era, and is not unique to High Risk. However, it does detract from the otherwise enjoyable experience of the movie.

Overall, High Risk is a solid action-comedy that delivers fun and excitement in equal measure. The combination of a talented cast, thrilling action scenes, and humor make it well worth a watch. If you're in the mood for an old-school adventure movie with a sense of humor, High Risk is a great choice.

High Risk is a 1981 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 34 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.6.

High Risk
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