Those Bedroom Eyes

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Nothing is as it seems in this mystery and suspense film. William (Tim Matheson) finds himself a widower without the will to live. That is until the Harvard psychology college professor meets a mysterious woman named Ali (Mimi Rogers). She is beautiful and engaging, and as William once again finds a purpose in waking up each morning, he and Ali grow closer.

She seems to be hiding something, though, and William's curiosity turns to a serious need to discover the truth when he discovers that Ali is being investigated by the police for a series of unsolved murders. To save the woman he loves and their future together, he decides that getting that secret out of her is the only way. But is Ali who he thinks she is?

1993 | 1 hr 31 min
Tim Matheson, Mimi Rogers, William Forsythe
Leon Ichaso
Those Bedroom Eyes
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