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10 Items or Less premiered on TBS on November 26, 2006. The show, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of the owner of a small supermarket, ran for three seasons. It was cancelled on February 24, 2009. The show's cancellation was announced in November of 2008 and the show was wrapped up with a somewhat sloppy ending at the end of the third season. It still runs in syndication and is available on DVD and in a DVD box set.

The show centers on Leslie Pool, played by John Lehr, and his attempt at managing a small supermarket after returning to his hometown after his father's death. He quickly gets to work as the manager of his father's grocery store, G&G. He is oblivious to the skills be essay to run a successful business. The lovable, if a bit inept, workers that are employed at G&G do their best to help Leslie feel his way through the world of small business ownership. The store is constantly at odds with the massive supermarket chains in the area and the chain store managers.

The show touches on the economic climate of present day Middle America. The running theme of the chain stores trying to run the family operation out of business speaks of the current social climate and injustices of small business management. It also touches on the plight of human relationships. The improvised comedy touches deeply on the social issues affecting the United States during the shows run and still today.

The show developed a cult following because of its filming style. The single-camera filming style and improvise d script set the show apart from others. The episodes which ran 22-minutes long were edited down from 30 hours of raw, improvised footage. The cast was merely handed a detailed outline and asked to improvise the episodes. During its run it was filmed in a supermarket in Reseda, California, not on a soundstage.

The shows early cancellation for seemingly no reason angered many fans. A strong cult following of the show still exists over 4 years after it was cancelled.

3 Seasons, 21 Episodes
November 27, 2006
Cast: John Lehr, Jennifer Elise Cox, Kim Coles, Christopher Liam Moore, Bob Clendenin
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10 Items or Less Full Episode Guide

  • After learning that Greens & Grains is built on Shawnee tribal land, Leslie's attempts to reclaim his native roots prompt Mercy to step up her efforts to drive the store out of business once and for all

  • Leslie learns some harsh lessons about the power of big business when he tries going up against the Dairy Consortium and its partner in crime, SuperValueMart.

  • Leslie learns some harsh lessons about the power of big business when he tries going up against the Dairy Consortium and its partner in crime, SuperValueMart.

  • Upon discovering his hidden talent of whistling, Leslie records a demo that ends up becoming a big hit. Meanwhile the gang continues to deal with the tricks of the new boss at Super Value Mart.

  • Leslie tries to help both Richard find a date, and his mother with her drinking problem.

  • When the store is prevented from using the name "Star Trek," they decide to hold a "Star Trok" convention instead.

  • After installing an ophthalmologist's office in the store, a blinding accident sends Leslie to stay with Yolanda until his vision returns

  • In an effort to win his money back from a bet he lost to SVM, Todd recruits Leslie to beat them at turkey bowling ultimately creating a new sport.

  • The store's Renaissance Days event has the staff donning 15th-century clothing, complete with a jousting contest. And, a annual employees picnic is prepared by the Greens.

  • Leslie hires Amy to work at the Greens & Grains after her firing from behemoth SuperValueMart, terrifying the other staffers. It doesn't take long for Leslie's hard nosed tactics to annoy Leslie after changing the store into an impersonal, cookie cutter business.

  • Leslie and butcher Todd agree that having customers choosing the cow they want butchered is a great idea for the Greens & Grains. But getting the FDA to approve this idea maybe a bit more challenging. Also, Buck squires Richard to an ice-skating audition

  • Ingrid, the courtesy greeter, looks to get lucky as a means of ending the ticking of her biological clock. But the night is unsatisfying when she settles for just "any guy" instead of waiting for Mr. Right.

  • Leslie discovers that and heir has yet to be chosen for the store now that his father has died. His selection is unexpected when he chooses Carl, a maintenance man as his heir apparent.

  • Leslie plans an intervention for Buck, believing he has a drinking problem after he stays out all night on the town. Meanwhile, Leslie he is getting to old and lonely.

  • Leslie's promotion to give away money in order to attract new customers inspires an armed robbery at Greens & Grains.

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