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  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (84)

A Cook Abroad is a television series that originally aired on BBC Two in 2015. The show follows three well-known chefs, Rick Stein, Rachel Khoo, and John Torode, as they travel to various countries to explore the local cuisine and learn about the cultural significance of food.

Each episode of the series features one of the three chefs travelling to a different country where they meet local cooks and food experts, and get hands-on experience in preparing traditional dishes using local ingredients. The show presents an immersive experience for viewers to be transported to kitchens in exotic locations and learn first-hand about the preparation methods, customs, and traditions of each country’s cuisine.

Rick Stein travels to Mexico, Australia, and Berlin, Rachel Khoo to Palermo, Istanbul, and Sweden, while John Torode visits Istanbul, Thailand, and Argentina. Each chef immerses themselves in the food culture of their host country and gets a chance to cook alongside local chefs.

During their travels, they explore the street food scene, visit bustling markets, and head into the countryside to gather fresh ingredients. The show’s emphasis is not just on the dishes themselves but also on the stories, customs and culinary heritage of each location they visit. Rick Stein, for instance, explores the impact of Mexican cuisine on other parts of the world, while Rachel Khoo explores burlesque dancing in Palermo, as it relates to cuisine.

The show provides an insight into how specific ingredients can become ingrained in the cultural history of a place. Rachel Khoo, in her episode on Sweden, explores the use of lingonberry in Swedish cuisine, from the use of lingonberry jam with meatballs to its popularity in sweets and pastries.

Throughout the series, the chefs immerse themselves in the local culture, celebrating festivals and participating in traditional activities, like joining Rick Stein as he celebrates the Day of the Dead in Mexico. The show highlights the cultural impact of food, and how deeply it’s embedded in our lives.

One of the most notable aspects of A Cook Abroad is the incredibly beautiful cinematography, which takes viewers on a vivid journey through the showcased locations. The breathtaking scenery not only engages the senses, but also gives a true sense of the essence of each country, its people and culture.

Furthermore, the show is a tribute to the chefs' love of cooking and the shared joy of food, highlighted in each episode as they bond with local chefs, and showcase the dishes they helped prepare through their respective culinary lenses. This show powerfully brings together food, people, and locations as a shared cultural experience.

A Cook Abroad is perfect for anyone who loves learning about diverse cuisine and culture, and seeks to experience what local cuisine has to offer. With its beautiful cinematography, compelling stories and cultural insights, the series is an ideal blend of food, travel, and cultural discovery, making it a must-watch for any foodie or traveler.

A Cook Abroad
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6. Rachel Khoo's Malaysia
March 9, 2015
Exploring her heritage, celebrity cook Rachel Khoo noshes her way across Malaysia while learning about the multicultural complexities of its food.
Rick Stein's Australia
5. Rick Stein's Australia
March 2, 2015
From bustling Sydney to pristine Tasmania, restaurateur Rick Stein explores Australia's growing passion for locally harvested sustainable seafood.
Monica Galetti's France
4. Monica Galetti's France
February 23, 2015
The MasterChef: The Professionals judge embarks on a culinary road trip through the Jura region of eastern France, spending time with the area's food producers to sees how their passion translates into world-class ingredients. She joins a boar hunt and faces up to the responsibility of eating meat, learns the secret of making some of the UK's favourite French cheeses and discovers an ancient profession she never knew existed. Finally on the slopes of Mont d'Or, Monica prepares a rustic feast using produce she gathered herself.
John Torode's Argentina
3. John Torode's Argentina
February 16, 2015
On a quest to find the world's perfect steak, celebrity chef John Torode jets to Argentina to explore the country's obsession with everything beef.
Tony Singh's India
2. Tony Singh's India
February 9, 2015
Scottish-born chef Tony Singh gets back to his roots in northern India, where he discovers how history and religion have shaped the region's cuisine.
Dave Myers' Egypt
1. Dave Myers' Egypt
February 2, 2015
"Hairy Biker" media personality Dave Myers journeys up the Nile to sample the cuisine of the pharaohs, including pigeon, lamb and traditional bread.
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    February 2, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (84)