A New Leaf

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The TV show "A New Leaf" is about the story of a cocky lawyer named Kim Seok-joo. He's not only cocky and successful, but he can also be quite heartless when it comes to his job. One day, he gets into a terrible accident that makes him lose all of his memory. When this happens, he is determined to find out his past and who he used to be.

During his journey of trying to regain his memory, he experiences a new lease on life and sees the people around him, as well as society in a brand new light.

However, his new personality and look on life doesn't go well with his law firm. He is then forced to compete against his colleagues as he tries to find his true identity.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
April 30, 2014
Cast: Myung-Min Kim, Min-Young Park
A New Leaf

A New Leaf Full Episode Guide

  • Kim Suk Joo goes head to head once again with Cha Young Woo firm in a case that will affect the lives of thousands of workers.

  • Lee Ji Yoon leaves Cha Young Woo firm to work with Suk Joo on his case.

  • Suk Joo and Ji Won go head to head in the courtroom. Ji Yoon finally tells Suk Joo about the night they met.

  • Suk Joo's father's condition worsens. Lee Sun Hee's case improves with the help of Suk Joo.

  • Suk Joo does the unexpected when he resigns from Cha Young Woo Firm. Jeon Ji Won joins the firm instead.

  • Ji Yoon is distraught when she figures out she many have helped a murderer gain a smaller sentence. Jung Sun is forced to take the fall for her family, and may end up in jail.

  • When Suk Joo refuses to help Ji Yoon with a case, she turns to Jeon Ji Won for help.

  • Things are finally starting to settle down for Suk Joo when his fiancee appears out of nowhere. Cha Young Woo firm begins to approach Jeon Ji Won for a job.

  • Kim Suk Joo officially decides to represent Jung Hye Ryung despite strong opposition from Cha Young Woo Firm to do so.

  • Kim Suk Joo can't help his curiousity and further investigates Jung Hye Ryung's murder trial. Ji Yoon moves next door to Suk Joo under orders.

  • After getting an idea of what kind of a person he used to be, Suk Joo is conflicted about how he handles his cases.

  • Suk Joo tries to remember his life, but more importantly he must clean up the mess he doesn't remember creating with one of their most important clients.

  • Cha Young Woo Firm is in disarray when Kim Suk Joo goes missing, but the problem only starts there when he turns up with amnesia.

  • Rumors spread fast about the scandal between Lee Ji Yoon and Kim Suk Joo. Ji Yoon takes the opposing law firm's side during a case.

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