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The TV comedy sketch show Absolutely was created by a predominantly Scottish cast, crew and writers to reflect the social issues and comedy tradition of the nation. The show features a series of small sketches in each 30 minute show, which include a number of recurring characters. The entire cast play one of the most popular and remembered character groups, Stonybridge Council.

Fridays at 10:00 pm on Channel 4
4 Seasons, 29 Episodes
May 24, 1989
Cast: Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield, Jane Horrocks

Absolutely Full Episode Guide

  • Tea and biscuits with Bert Bastard, singing with the piano man, and... er... farting with Frank Hovis. Stoneybridge Council release a charity pop single.

  • Fish have been bothering the general public, Mr and Mrs and Wells have been doing good and some naughty kids have been doing bad at the arcade.

  • Stoneybridge Council faces a schism as Bruceland attempts to claim independence - and then resorts to all-out warfare. A little girl tells us all about trains, and there's a life-changing…

  • The time has come for Mr Nice to relay the facts of life to his children, Don and George are calling door-to-door and a new game show features a less than adequate hostess.

  • Cyberman takes on Thor at golf, some surgeons try to fix a punctured tyre and Mr and Mrs Wells try to become foster parents.

  • Bert Bastard does the Hokey Cokey, some environmentalists sing for the world, and a little girl tells us everything we ever needed to know about families.

  • There's courtroom drama, Denzil is joined by his son and the ever-patriotic McGlashan reads the news. Also, time spent with Frank Hovis is never wasted - such a charmer.

  • The Stoneybridge annual dinner and dance is, as to be expected, the pride of the village. Elsewhere in time and space, a street preacher is deconstructed.

  • The Nice family debate the rules of soccer, a little girl talks school, and Bert Bastard hits a disco for the over 80s.

  • Weddings, funerals, burglars, pianos, swings and the Island of Anus. Throw in some hoovers and a séance and you've got yourself a deal.

  • Meet Tamzin (she's a model), meet Jeff (he's a parkie), and live the thrill of the Stoneybridge Council elections.

  • Take a look at some very, very bad swimmers. Maybe they'll take your mind off the tragic road accident involving a lobster.

  • Liberal facists Mr and Mrs Wells write to a prisoner, and the legendary Stoneybridge Council present a promotional video to the business sector.