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Alice In Wonderland, the series, takes place in the 19th century. It starts with little young Alice telling her papa, stories of a place where she had visited. He thought that she was making up these stories from her imagination, but she swears that her adventures to "Wonderland," as she calls it, are non-fictional stories.

He labels her as mad, then reminds her that all of the best people are. Years go buy and her papa passes. As she gets older she forgets about Wonderland and lives her life with her mother. When one day, when she is called to the garden to accept her hand in marriage. Suddenly, she spies a rabbit in a waist coat, and she follows him into what she had forgotten all about. Wonderland.

1 Season, 52 Episodes
January 1, 1983
Cast: Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd

Alice in Wonderland Full Episode Guide

  • The Queen of Hearts has left with her family for her annual holiday, and left the royal throne of Wonderland vacant. Alice, who has always dreamt of being a queen someday, applies with the people of Wonderland to replace the queen, and is accepted by them after passing a rather unusual test.

  • The queen's favourite baby chimp has disappeared and the queen is deeply disappointed, for this little monkey was her darling, whose every wish she anticipated, and whom she spoilt.The thought of having to do without her little Schnurps is unbearable for the queen, and so she commands all the people of Wonderland to look for Schnurps and to return him to her.

  • Alice finds out that the Queen of Hearts and all the people of Wonderland are in a state a great turmoil because the royal silverware has been stolen.The queen gives Alice the assignment of finding the missing cutlery. This is a very difficult task, in which, on top of everything else, Alice and Benny Bunny are made invisible.

  • Alice gets into trouble with the Queen of Hearts. Alice accidently ends up in the family photograph of the royal family. The Queen is outraged at this "impossilbe behaviour," even though Alice was really innocent. The snark is the real culprit. As the queen is particularly angry about the snark's tricks, she has commissioned a snark hunter to find him.

  • Alice wonders about the White Rabbit who suudenly approaches her dressed in a uniform and a captain's cap.The White Rabbit has been promoted from Royal Herald to Royal Captain. The Queen has entrusted her yacht and its crew to him. Alice is allowed to go on board too.

  • Alice meets the honey elephants--tiny little elephants that fly from flower to flower like bees, and collect honey. Alice is delighted with the little elephants, and thinks that they are a valuable addition to Wonderland. Unfortunately, the Queen feels the same way too, and sends out her soldiers to capture the honey elephants.

  • Humpty Dumpty has had to leave his wall as it is to be renovated. He protests, however, with all his might. He has spent his entire life on that wall, and even refuses to think of breaking this habit. But all his protests are in vain. Humpty Dumpty has to find a new home. He takes it absolutely for granted that the only place good enough for him to live in is the palace.

  • The Queen has announced the annual kite-flying competition. This is a completely ridiculous undertaking, as the Queen has herself proclaimed winner every year. This year, however, her efforts are in vain; she looses her kite, and is deeply upset. Alice tries to comfort the Queen, and promises to find the kite again.

  • Alice meets Don Fernando who, filled with pride, is showing off his new possesion: a hot air balloon.He invites Alice and Benny Bunny for a spin. But soon the peaceful flight over Wonderland becomes a great adventure. Don Fernando miscalculates the flight path and, instead of landing in the Queen's palace, the balloon lands in the screw-mice's garden.

  • The Queen of Hearts is keeping Australian sheep in the cellar, and kangaroos are hopping through the palace. This gives Alice the idea of going to Australia herself, to see the Koala Bears, and the Duckbilled Platypuses.

  • The weather in Wonderland has become completely mixed-up. It is snowing in the middle of summer. The people of Wonderland have never experienced snow before. At first they are all delighted ; they ski, ice-skate, and go sledding down the hills of Wonderland. But they soon start longing for the usual temperate Wonderland weather.

  • Alice discovers that Benny Bunny has disappeared, and this only because he is jealous.While searching for Benny Bunny, Alice discovers areas of Wonderland that she has never yet visited. Here she meets the screw-mice, little, friendly creatures who can drill their way into the earth like a cork-screw.

  • The great White Rabbit wishes to leave Wonderland, and is auctioning off all his property. He even gives away his favorite watch. Alice and Benny Bunny are very worried about the White Rabbit, as he will no longer eat, or talk. The Queen of Hearts is too blame for this state of affairs, as she has sent the White Rabbit away in favor of a great Black Rabbit.

  • No sooner has Alice dreamt her way into Wonderland, than a little duck crosses her path. It is very upset and wishes to leave Wonderland, angered at the behavior of the arrogant flamingoes, who, it believes, treated it badly. Alice tries to help the duckling, but instead brings it into great danger.

  • The Queen of Hearts has invited Alice, Benny Bunny, and the White King, and Queen on an outing.The high-point of this outing is to be a picnic, but as the ants have stolen the picnic basket, the Oueen of Hearts has to come up with an emergency solution. She gives her picnic guests mushroom salad and they all become as small as ants, so do the Queen of Hearts, the White King and the White Queen.

  • Alice discovers that the Queen of Hearts has decided to hold a Wonderland beauty contest. All who believe that they are beautiful, clever and well-mannered may enter the contest. The Queen of Hearts is forced to admit that only Alice fills all of the stated requirements. In the name of giving everyone an equal chance, she therefore excludes Alice from the competition and names her to the Jury.

  • In all of Wonderland there is no more green. Everything is brown and grey. The Tree Watcher in the Weeping Willow is able to answer her questions. The leaves and the grasses have left Wonderland in protest, as its residents only find praise for the colors of flowers. For Alice, the land of her dreams looks simply awful without its green. She decides to restore Wonderland to its former state.

  • Alice discovers that everything has been stood an its head. The Queen of Hearts has introduced a feet tax. Everyone who walks on feet has to pay the sum of fifty pounds into the palace treasury for every pair of feet he or she possesses. But as no citizen of Wonderland is in a position to pay such a sum of money, they are all walking about on their hands..

  • Alice has barely dreamed her way into Wonderland when she finally meets the Knave of Hearts, who is on vacation from his boarding school. Alice had long looked forward to this meeting, but her disappointement is very great. The Knave of Hearts turns out to be anything but a pleasant companion. He is fat, lazy, has bad manners and can only talk about onething: eating.

  • Alice is invited to a tea social by the Hatter, at which there is neither tea nor anything very social. In the end, all of the clocks in Wonderland stop running. Of course, Alice and Benny Bunny try to discover whom the residents of Wonderland have to thank for this misdeed. They request that Father Time help them, as he is more familiar than anyone with clocks.

  • Alice feels truly sorry for the Queen of Hearts. The Queen had hit upon the idea of giving a costume party. The high point of the party was to be the universally renowned Lobster Quadrille, but no one knows how to perform this dance. Alice and Benny Bunny decide to save the party. They undertake a journey into the unknown depths of the ocean in order to request the assistence of the Bottom Lobster

  • A wave of thefts has broken over Wonderland. Night for night oysters have been disappearing. Alice requests help from the Queen of Hearts, but the proceedings reach no satisfactory conclusion. Alice and Benny Bunny are thus left with no other alternative than to launch their own search for the offender. They finally succeed with the help of the noble knight Don Fernando.

  • Once every year the Queen of Hearts Sponsors a tournament of hedgehog croquet. Alice has also received an invitation. Much to her surprise, hedgehog croquet turns out to be something quite different. The residents of Wonderland use the live hedgehogs as balls. Alice first provides for the safety of the hedgehogs before she plays with the Queen of Hearts, whom Alice then defeats.

  • Alice has barely dreamed her way into Wonderland when problems arise. The Hatter must look about for a new way to make a living and becomes a "promoter". He arranges a fight between the Lion and the Unicorn. But the fight can't be staged yet, as the Lion is lacking a manager. Only after Alice announces that she is wililng to assume this duty can the Hatter give the signal to start the battle.

  • The Cheshire Cat is coerced into sharing his disappearing act with Tweele Dee and Tweedle Dum. By the time Alice arrives on the scene, Dee has disappeared into thin air, leaving Tweedly Dum beside himself. He makes himself twice as obnoxious. Cheshire Cat is embarrassed. He has forgotten how to make someone reappear. Alice and Benny track down Dum.

  • Alice is growing like weed again. Her neck telescopes up until her head is in the tree tops, there Mrs. Pigeon mistakes Alice for a serpent, ergo a thief. Accused of stealing mr. And Mirs. Pigeon's about-to-be-hatched egg. Alice must find the real culprit. She does, and rescues the egg just as that crazed gourmet, the Jabberwocky, is about to turn it into an omelet.

  • Alice has long harbored a fear of insects, so imagine her fear when she finds herself only three inches tall and surrounded by menacing spider, bees, ants etc. These "creepy-crawly" creatures turn out to be friendly and, in fact, go out of their wy to offer Alice a helping hand; or in the centipede's case a dozen helping hands.

  • With a song in his heart, a diabolical scheme in his mind and Alice as a prisoner in the hold of his pirate ship, captain Black and his band of pirate crows attempt to plunder Wonderland's national treasure. Alice is able to turn the tide, and once more there's smooth sailing in Wonderland.

  • Alice thinks that sometimes life in Wonderland is more than strange. It, of course, would have to be the Marchhare who gets hold of the Mgical Book and immediately confuses it with a cook-book. Needles to say, this brings everything into confusion.

  • Alice's puppy, big as a house after taking a sip from the "drink me" tea pot, cuts a wide swath through Wonderland with alice and Benny in hot pursuit. The chase ends up at the Chess Queen's castle, where the social event of the season is getting underway. The pup gives new meaning to the expression "party crasher".

  • Benny introduces Alice to the sarcastic, slightly unbalanced Humpty Dumpty. While lecturing Alice, Humpty slips and falls off his wall. While his life hangs by a thread (his cravat has caught itself on a limb). Humpty must suffer the taunts, insults and "egg jokes" of the wonderland locals. Alice brings the King with all of his horses and all of his men to safe Humpty.

  • We havve all heard of a large family outgrowing ist house, but, in this episode, Alice outgrows the White Rabbit's house all by herself. While the White Rabbit raises hob, Alice raises the roof.

  • Alice has always wanted to be treated like a big girl. Just one sip from the "drink me" tea pot has changed her into a big, big, big girl. Alice finds this indignity a crying shame, and proceeds to flood wonderland with her tears.

  • Alice returns from a shopping trip with an old top hat and a new friend which she found in the top hat - Benny Bunny. In the excitement of mother's lawn party, she sneaks Benny into the house. As far is Alice is concerned the party is dying until Dinah the cat chases Benny out of the house and under the guest's feet.

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