American Justice

American Justice is a crime exploration show hosed by journalist Bill Kurtis that documents true crimes. Each episode usually includes a detailed description of a criminal, the crimes they committed, the steps they took to try covering up the crime, the ensuing investigation and the most current status of the case.

Past episodes have examined the cases of people like Betty Broderick, Jeffery Dahmer, Richard Speck and the Hillside Stranglers. Some episodes cover broader subjects like the Mafia, spree killers, fugitives and hate crimes. There are also episodes that center on the people that make up the justice system, from groups like criminal profilers to individuals such as FBI agent Joe Pistone (he infiltrated the Bonanno crime family using the alias Donny Brasco).

American Justice covers many different aspects of crimes, criminals and the justice system for those that want to go beyond the headlines and see the details of the story.

Tuesday 7:00 PM et/pt on A&E on A&E
September 15, 1992
Horror & Suspense, Reality, Crime
Cast: Bill Kurtis
American Justice

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