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Travel across America and help uncover America's lost treasures. Take a trip back in time for the discovery of lost artifacts. If you love American history, you will love the chance to view the original thirty four star American flag. Join two hosts of America's Lost Treasures roaming America and meeting people with exciting heirlooms. They will venture to people's basements or attics for the discovery of a little piece of American history. They find three outstanding items, investigate them and one of the three owners could win ten thousand dollars. Maybe you have an item worthy for a museum.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 4, 2012
Family, History
Cast: Curt Doussett, Kinga Philipps
America's Lost Treasures
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America's Lost Treasures Full Episode Guide

  • Searching for significant historical items across America.

  • Civil War relics, including portraits of Abraham Lincoln, are examined in Savannah. Also: Kinga investigates fossil teeth belonging to the prehistoric megalodon shark.

  • Curt and Kinga host an open call at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, California, and check out a medal from the first U.S. World Expo, a Jack London writing tablet, an old Civil War drum, John Sutter's Gold Rush Nuggets, and a 15-million-year-old dolphin skull.

  • Curt Doussett visits a historic jazz club in New Orleans to learn the full story behind a 1920s clarinet that may have belonged to jazz legend Omer Simeon. Meanwhile, Kinga Philipps investigates a 19th-century steamboat captain's chair.

  • At the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-our nation's first capital-Curt and Kinga evaluate items from American History dated from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. On their journey they also discover evidence from movements for civil rights to women's rights.

  • In Wilmington, Delaware, the hosts evaluate items including a silver goblet worth $80,000.

  • In Los Angeles, the hosts evaluate a light bulb from the late 1800s and a 34-star American flag made before West Virginia became the 35th state in 1863.

  • Kinga visits the boyhood home of Jesse James in Kansas City, Missouri. Curt's objects include a daguerreotype and a rare copy of the 1859 Kansas Constitution.

  • Curt and Kinga start off in Texas and have invited people to bring them their personal artifacts. They have to decide which piece is most museum worthy after seeing a diverse range of objects, from binoculars that may have belonged to Bonnie and Clyde, to a taxidermy pink flamingo head and even a strand of Willie Nelson's hair.

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