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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

America's Wild Frontier is a television series that takes viewers on an exhilarating journey through some of the most beautiful and spectacular wilderness areas in North America. The show was aired on BBC Two and showcases wildlife, landscapes, and cultures that are unique to this part of the world.

The show is hosted by wildlife presenter and adventurer, Patrick Aryee, who takes the audience on an immersive and unforgettable journey through the wilderness of the United States and Canada. He is joined by a team of experts, including wildlife biologists, park rangers, and cultural historians, who provide commentary and insight into the different aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of the continent.

The show is divided into six episodes, each of which focuses on a specific wilderness area or theme. The first episode takes the audience to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, where the team explores the diverse ecosystem of the Appalachian Mountains, from black bears to salamanders. In the second episode, the team heads to the Rocky Mountains to investigate the impact of climate change on glaciers and the ecosystem of the region.

The third episode is set in Yellowstone National Park, one of North America's most iconic wilderness areas. The team explores the park's geothermal features, including the famous Old Faithful geyser, and the wildlife that call the park home, from bison to wolves. The fourth episode focuses on the deserts of the American Southwest, including Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park. The audience is treated to the stunning vistas of these landscapes, from sand dunes to towering rock formations.

The fifth episode takes the audience to the Pacific Northwest, where they explore the ancient forests of Oregon and the coastal waters of the Washington coast. Here, the team encounters some of the largest and most majestic trees in the world, as well as thriving populations of sea otters and grey whales.

The final episode of the series explores the cultural heritage of North America, from the indigenous peoples and their ancestral traditions to the influence of European settlers on the continent. The team visits important historical sites, including Jamestown and Mount Vernon, to gain insight into the rich and complex history of the United States.

Throughout the series, the audience is treated to stunning and immersive footage of the wilderness areas and wildlife of North America. The show uses cutting-edge camera technology to capture every detail, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal. The team also provides in-depth commentary and insight into the ecological and cultural significance of each location.

Overall, America's Wild Frontier is a captivating series that provides a fascinating insight into the natural beauty and cultural heritage of North America. With its stunning visuals, expert commentary, and engaging storytelling, the show is sure to inspire and delight viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

America's Wild Frontier
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