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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (12)

Angels Among Us is a heartwarming and uplifting television series that aired on CMT in 2011. Each episode features people who have experienced miraculous events and are convinced that they have been blessed by angels. Hosted by actress and country music star, Jennette McCurdy, Angels Among Us brings together inspiring stories from all over America. The show follows the personal journeys of ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences with divine intervention.

The show is divided into different segments, each focusing on a different story. In each segment, viewers are introduced to people who have had their lives changed by an angelic encounter. These stories range from miraculous healings to life-changing experiences.

One of the key themes of Angels Among Us is how these experiences have not only changed the lives of the people involved but also inspired those around them. For example, some of the stories focus on how a person's angelic encounter led them to create a charity or organisation that helps others.

Another key element of the show is the way in which it explores the spiritual and emotional impact of these experiences. Through the interviews with the people involved, viewers gain insight into the ways in which an encounter with an angel can change one's perspective, beliefs and outlook on life.

What sets Angels Among Us apart from other shows of this genre is its unapologetically sentimental and uplifting tone. The program does not shy away from religious or spiritual themes and is often openly emotional. Throughout each episode, the host and the people involved share their heartfelt emotions, making it impossible not to feel moved by the stories.

The series is also visually stunning, with many spiritually themed images and breathtaking shots. The combination of music, sound, and stunning visuals creates a beautiful, immersive experience that draws viewers into the world of the stories.

Overall, Angels Among Us is a captivating and inspiring television series that explores the role of angels in our lives. While the show may not be for everyone, those who are drawn to spiritual and uplifting stories will undoubtedly find something to love in this series. The show is a beautiful testament to faith, hope, and the power of divine intervention.

Angels Among Us is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 2011.

Angels Among Us
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Smell the Roses
12. Smell the Roses
October 12, 2014
A woman receives confirmation that her angel interceded when she nearly wrecked her car at 80 mph. And Rosie gets a powerful message for a widow who hoped she could do more for her dying husband.
A Skeptic Among Us
10. A Skeptic Among Us
October 5, 2014
At a picnic, Rosie feels a strong block from a cynic, but that doesn't stop her from making a connection with the doubter's guardian angel. While anniversary shopping for George, Rosie makes an unexpected connection.
Protect Us, Guide Us
9. Protect Us, Guide Us
October 5, 2014
Rosie is afraid to recount things she sees from a woman's troubled past. A young couple gets a wedding blessing from beyond. A couple learns how their angels brought them together in a chance encounter.
It's All About Familia
8. It's All About Familia
September 28, 2014
A woman is relieved to know her lost child is protected; Rosie's bilingual skills are put to the test when she meets a Spanish-speaking angel, and a man drives hours to meet his guardian angel that speaks a language neither he nor Rosie understand.
The Good-Looking Angel
7. The Good-Looking Angel
September 28, 2014
Rosie sees something she's never encountered before when, much to a skeptic's surprise, she connects with the victim of a murder. And, when Rosie and George visit their son's home, they get amazing news.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
October 12, 2014
Genelle Guzman is on the 13th floor of World Trade Tower One when it collapses on top of her. Miraculously, she survives, but is trapped under the rubble for over 24 hours. With hope of rescue fading, an angel takes her hand and assures her that help is on the way. In Tower Two, Ron DiFrancesco escapes death when the second plane hits his floor, but soon discovers all escape routes have been cut off by a raging inferno. On the edge of despair, he hears an otherworldly voice urging him to run into the fire. And at the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77 slams into the building 100 feet from John Yates. Despite massive injuries, he is guided towards safety. by an angel.
Energy Shift
5. Energy Shift
October 12, 2014
After more than 30 years of marriage, Rosie cannot keep an angel's message from her husband. An angel connects with Rosie, asking her to intervene with a man suffering from substance abuse.
A Tractor, a Road Trip, and a Banquet
4. A Tractor, a Road Trip, and a Banquet
October 6, 2011
People who have near-death experiences share their stories of survival and hope when angels appear to them.
Medical Miracles
3. Medical Miracles
September 29, 2011
People who have near-death experiences share their stories of survival and hope when angels appear to them.
A Crash, a Tornado, and a Dream
2. A Crash, a Tornado, and a Dream
September 22, 2011
People who have near-death experiences share their stories of survival and hope when angels appear to them.
1. 9/11
September 15, 2011
In the series premiere of Angels Among Us, the survivors of 9/11 are remembered. Genelle Guzman was on the 13th floor of the World Trade Center One when it collapsed, Ron DiFrancesco was in Tower Two when the plane hit his floor, and John Yates was only 100 feet away from where the plane hit the Pentagon. These survivors share their stories of the Angels that rescued them.
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Angels Among Us is available for streaming on the CMT website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Angels Among Us on demand at Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, TLC and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (12)