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Average Joe was a reality-based, dating game show which premiered in the NBC television network in 2003. The premise of the series involved nearly 20 men of average looks who attempted to win the heart of a beauty queen. Halfway through the program, a group of good-looking men are added to the mix in order to compete against the average contestants. The suitor picked at the end of the series run won a chance to continue dating the female contestant.

Average Joe is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2003.

Where do I stream Average Joe online? Average Joe is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Average Joe on demand at , NBC online.

Monday 9:00 pm et/pt on NBC
4 Seasons, 31 Episodes
November 3, 2003
Cast: Jason Peoples, Adam Mesh, Melana Scantlin, Anna Chudoba
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Average Joe Full Episode Guide

  • After both finalists go on an unexpected date with a surprise visitor, Anna announces which of them has won her heart.

  • After a surprising new addition to the competition, Anna has private dates with the Final 4 during a Tahitian getaway.

  • After a heated roller derby match, Anna dates one Joe and one Hunk, going undercover to see which of her suitors has remained faithful in the face of temptation.

  • Anna pits the Hunks against the Joes in three outrageous competitions.

  • Despite their attempts to strategize, the Joes' world is rocked when seven brawny jocks arrive, each of them intent on winning Anna's heart.

  • Unsuspecting model Anna Chudoba thought she was on a traditional dating show... until she was surprised by a swarm of Average Joes.

  • Facing the tough choice between the final two women vying for his heart, saleswoman Samantha Trenk and schoolteacher Rachel Goetz, Adam takes them home to New Jersey to meet his parents.

  • The ladies face a big surprise after enduring physical and mental challenges to win private dates with Adam that include drag racing, golfing, and spending a romantic night at a Palm Springs resort and spa.

  • The women are treated to group dates with Adam, with half being treated to snowboarding and the rest learning the art of bullfighting. But their paradise is rocked when show veterans spice up the competition with a group of swimsuit models!

  • Continuing his search for true love, Adam Mesh meets some of the many women who tried to contact him since the "Average Joe" finale when his heart was broken.