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Running Wild With Bear Grylls is a new NBC television show that tests the will of the rich and famous to cope with the wilderness. Bear Grylls is a British outdoorsman who challenges popular celebrities to spend forty-eight hours with him living off the land. They learn how to camp, climb and eat with very few resources and no plan for turning back in case the going gets rough; which it always does. Hollywood icons find themselves climbing rocks, leaping from heights that would make a stunt person recoil and eating things they have never eaten before and probably never will again. This challenge would seem to defeat somebody who is used to being pampered but just the opposite happens. They seem to trust Grylls and extend themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. This often results in an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when they finally survive the two day ordeal.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on NBC
4 Seasons, 39 Episodes
July 28, 2014
Cast: Bear Grylls
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Running Wild With Bear Grylls Full Episode Guide

  • Dropped amidst snow-capped mountains, Uzo and Bear move quickly as a storm sets in, sending hail, lightning and flash floods their way. Along the way they come face-to-face with a poisonous viper, get creative to secure a dinner of field mice, and use a crossbow to zip-line across a 250 ft. drop. Despite the elements, Uzo shines as she recounts her long road to fame, her family's emigration from Nigeria, and her pride in representing the American dream.

  • Tennis great Roger Federer joins Bear on a grand slam journey through the Swiss Alps. After meeting up amidst stunning snow-capped peaks, Bear and Roger descend a frozen waterfall and use tennis rackets as snowshoes to cross a frozen lake. After a quick snack of fish eyeballs, the pair get creative with a tennis ball to ascend a steep cliff that is their only way home. Along the way, Roger discusses the hard work it takes to achieve victory, his amusing experiences raising two sets of twins, and takes on the challenge when Bear invites him to a hilarious match of ping pong.

  • Dropped into a vast labyrinth of limestone rock formations, the duo must rappel from a towering arch, cross a raging river and descend into a dark cave to survive their journey. As they dodge a colony of bats and face-off against a snake that Bear eyes for dinner, Scott details growing up with his famous father, his love of the outdoors, and his drive to carve his own path in Hollywood.

  • "World of Dance" judge Derek Hough joins Bear on a whirlwind adventure across the mountains of Bulgaria. Dropped amidst snow-capped peaks, Derek and Bear must ascend a jagged mountain ridge, make a steep rappel with Derek's cell phone as their only safety, and swim a freezing lake to reach their destination. Along the way, Derek reveals his struggles with being bullied as a child, his devotion to his craft, and teaches Bear some much-needed dance moves.

  • Bear takes Lena Headey on the ride of her life as they paramotor deep into the Spanish wilderness. Continuing on foot, they traverse a towering, razor-thin ridge before a dead-end forces a harrowing rappel. After securing a dinner of bone marrow from a goat carcass, the two must cross a lake using a makeshift raft as an unexpected storm wreaks havoc. As they battle the elements, Lena discusses life on "Game of Thrones," her rise to stardom, and her battle to overcome depression.

  • Actress Keri Russell joins Bear on an epic journey to the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. After battling the dangerous, rolling rocks of a massive volcano, the duo descend into a mysterious canyon where they source a meager dinner of undigested seeds from a pigeon carcass, and test their luck with a grappling hook to escape the towering canyon walls. Later, after a cringe-worthy breakfast of crickets, Keri and Bear make a daring escape from a mountain peak using a paraglider. Along the way, Keri reveals her path to fame, her love of family, and the playful struggles of co-starring alongside her husband. .

  • In the Season 4 premiere, Joseph Gordon Levitt tackles Kenya's unyielding terrain with Bear Grylls. Dropped into the elements from a helicopter, Joseph and Bear navigate a perilous rappel, milk a camel for needed hydration, and ascend a massive rock dome that tests Joseph's fear of heights. As the duo battles a crocodile for the remains of a water buffalo that is their only hope for dinner, Joseph details his rise to fame and his efforts to honor the memory of his beloved brother.

  • Vanessa Hudgens joins Bear Grylls on an adventure in the High Sierra.

  • Julia Roberts joins Bear on a special desert mission delivering life-saving vaccines to a remote village in Kenya. On their way there, they jump from a moving plane, navigate through dense underbrush and cross a river full of crocodiles and hippos.

  • Breakout star of "This is Us" and "The People vs. OJ Simpson," Sterling K. Brown, joins Bear for an icy journey across the high mountains of Colorado. After a harrowing delivery into frozen wilderness via helicopter, Sterling and Bear battle plummeting temperatures as they descend a shear rock face with near disastrous consequences, track an elusive deer before settling on a less-than-appetizing dinner option, and rappel a massive frozen waterfall with heart-stopping results. Along the way, Sterling reveals the struggles of losing his father as a young boy, his commitment to family, and recounts his landmark Emmy victory.

  • Marshawn Lynch accompanies Bear on the French island of Corsica, where they run down a wild hog, navigate cliffs and face the French Foreign Legion.

  • Bear rescues Mel B in the open ocean in a stunning maneuver. Once on shore, the pair must endure steep cliffs and impenetrable terrain.

  • Lindsey Vonn goes with Bear on the French island of Corsica, where they rappel off a rock wall, use a spear-weapon, swim and eat sea urchins.

  • After being picked up from a freight train by a helicopter, Bear and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal fight dense forest, blood-sucking leeches and 200 ft. sheer rock faces in the remote Adirondacks, seeking for their extraction destination.

  • Released along the wind swept coastline of Ireland, television star Courteney Cox and Bear have to maneuver through jagged peaks and descend sheer cliffs, only to be beaten by ocean swells.

  • Bear welcomes Julianne Hough on an adventure in Africa, where they run into a pack of elephants blocking their way.

  • In the third season premiere, Bear Grylls and Nick Jonas embark on a snowy mountain experience in the Sierra Nevada.

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