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"Battlefield Detectives" is a documentary television show about famous battles. The show focused on the battlefield rather than the actual battle. Using modern science the show told a story on how the battles were won or lost. Some of the battles on the show were Custer at Little Bighorn, Civil War: Battle of Antietam, Battle of the Bulge, and the Siege of Alesia. The show approaches the topic with a new fresh point of view, illustrating a story from the past using modern science.

The show premiered on the History channel from 2003-2006. The show aired 32 episodes over four seasons. The show was canceled in 2006 during the fourth season after two episodes. In 2003 "Battlefield Detectives" was also made into a 256 page book which was illustrated by David Wason. The History Channel still plays re-runs of the show from time to time.

4 Seasons, 22 Episodes
November 8, 2003
Documentary & Biography, History, Military & War
Cast: Gavin MacFadyen, Simon West, Ivan Williams, Lynette Nusbacher
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Battlefield Detectives Full Episode Guide

  • In August 1877, a detachment of the US 7th Infantry attacked a sleeping camp of Nez Perce Indians in the remote mountains of southwest Montana.

  • In August 1777 on the New York frontier, an 800-strong column of patriot militia was marching to relieve Fort Stanwix, under siege by the British.

  • The largest invasion in history is underway. Four miles to the west of the Allied landings at Omaha Beach, a flotilla of landing craft head towards Hitler's `Atlantic Wall' defences.

  • In 1812, the US and Great Britain are once again at war. American "super frigates" win a series of crushing naval victories over the British Royal Navy warships.

  • The British Grand Fleet is moored in the peaceful harbour of Scapa Flow off the North Coast of Scotland. Unchallenged since the Battle of Trafalgar, the global dominance of the British Royal Navy is seemingly assured.

  • Masada is an extraordinary place and an epic story. A seemingly impregnable mountain fortress built by King Herod, it rises from the Judean desert of Israel close by the Dead Sea.

  • 1940 Britain stands alone against the might of the advancing German armed forces. But before Hitler can put his planned invasion into effect, he needs to destroy Britain's Royal Air Force.

  • 1944 In 1944 the Ardennes region of Belgium is the frontier between Nazi Germany and the Allies.

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