Beautiful People

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A British series based on the true life story of Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador-at-large for the Barneys luxury department store. Simon is a flamboyant teenaged boy living with his somewhat eccentric family in the South East of England during the 1990s. But the youngster has bigger plans and dreams of going to London with his best friend Kylie to live among what they call the "beautiful people". The series is told in flashbacks by the present day adult Simon who now lives in New York City with his boyfriend.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on LOGO on Logo
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
May 26, 2009
Cast: Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Layton Williams, Olivia Colman, Aidan McArdle
Beautiful People

Beautiful People Full Episode Guide

  • Simon runs away after being bullied at school but returns when he finds a friend in the new boy. Ashlene shares shocking news prior to the baby's arrival.

  • Debbie becomes an artist's muse, while Simon and Kylie learn Indian dancing from Haley, who also becomes a telephone psychic.

  • The Doonan family's plans for a holiday are ruined, while Kylie's father returns.

  • Simon and Kylie get a job in a boutique to raise money to buy a water feature for the garden. A sexy personal trainer inspires everyone to get in shape.6

  • A hot new teacher and his boyfriend come to dinner. Simon and Kylie form a pop band and go to the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • After returning to Reading, Simon remembers how he discovered his parents were unmarried. Simon plans a wedding for his parents, where his sister reveals some shocking news.

  • A new teacher arrives at school who really may be one of the Beautiful People. Can this really be true? Simon and Kylie finally try to leave Reading for ultra glamorous London. In New York older Simon gets homesick.

  • A trip to the hairdresser and a fabulous pair of shimmering golden hair tongs prompts Simon's decision to turn Kylie into Princess Diana.

  • Designer pals float around Simon's apartment in awe until they clock the loo with its gaudy leopard print, glitterball and resident Posh Spice doll.

  • Simon sports fetching black beads as he shares a bong with like-minded poncho-clad types. One toke annihilates him and he passes out. A crowd gathers over him and attempts to steal his beads.

  • Simon Doonan now living in New York, remembers the time auditioning for the school play led to his mother being arrested for assault and the re-enactment of a famous horror film.

  • While at Kylie's, Simon steals one of Reba's dresses and tries it on back at home. Ashlene takes a Polaroid photo of him wearing it and threatens to show it to everyone unless he styles her hair to look like Heather Small's. Debbie finds the dress in the bin, assumes Reba is having an affair with Andy, and fights her in the street. Simon reveals that he took the dress. Debbie tries to quit drinking alcohol but starts again when Andy tells her she is boring when she is sober. Simon sees supposedly-vegan Hayley eating a burger and threatens to tell everyone. To keep him quiet, she gives him £30, which he spends on a vase that he has had his eye on for a long time.