Being... N-Dubz

This documentary series examines the popular British hip-hop group known as N-Dubz. Among the activities featured are the group as they meet and greet their fans at a book signing, as they record a new single at a studio in the English countryside, as they prepare for a trip abroad to expand the recognition of their musical brand, and the group's negotiations with several American producers after they arrive in New York City.

Mondays at 11:15 pm on Channel 4
2 Seasons, 8 Episodes
January 27, 2011

Being... N-Dubz Full Episode Guide

  • The band are still enjoying their time in Los Angeles, working in the studio and soaking up the lifestyle.

  • In this episode, the group go to a country recording studio where they lay down a new single. Later, Tulisa acts alongside Rochelle from The Saturdays in a new Brit flick before finding…

  • The finale in the series looks back at the highlights of the show, including a fight in Greece and a memorable appearance at a festival

  • Tulisa takes horse riding lessons, Dappy and Fazer think about buying a house in the country and they all go to T4 on the Beach.

  • The band runs riot on the T4 set, Tulisa regrets asking the boys to help paint her house and they go to the Glastonbury Festival.

  • The band prepares to go on tour but there's a problem when Dappy gets lost at the airport. Can they find him before their concert in Greece?

  • the group goes to a country recording studio where they record a new single. Later on, Tulisa acts alongside Rochelle from The Saturdays in a new Brit flick.

  • Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer remember, comforting crying fans at a book signing,and narrowly avoid a punch up at The Celebrity Soccer Six

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