Big Cook Little Cook

Big Cook Little Cook is an educational BBC program for nursery school children. It features an cafe with a kitchen which is the setting of the show. The two characters are Big Cook Ben an adult and Little Cook Small a man a few inches tall that flies around the kitchen on a wooden spoon. The characters are played by Stephen Marsh and Dan Wright.

The program often begins with Big Cook Ben reading or telling a story to the children. Often he shows a video or animated story about animals like cows, goats and lions.. After that they look for a recipe in the Big's Cook Book. They pick a recipe then gather up the ingredients one by one.

Little Cook Small often rides around on his spoon getting ingredients for making the recipe. Big Cook Ben looks through cabinets and the refrigerator. He often goes into the garden to get fresh herbs for the recipes. In one segment Little Cook flies to an apple orchard to pick apples for the recipe. There is a a woman with two children picking apples at the orchard.

Big Cook Ben tells the audience how to make the recipe and does most of the cooking Little Ben get ingredients and helps clean up. In one episode, they tell the story of The Three Billy Goat Gruff. Little Cook finds the story in his book. The challenge is to find a recipe that will feed three goats. They decide to look in the Big cookbook and find a Baugette recipe made with onions, a long French bread roll, olive oil, herbs and cheese. Big Cook gathers ingredients from the kitchen while Little Cook Small flies off to get goat cheese. He goes to a goat farm where they sell cheese. With all ingredients ready Big Cook Ben shows how to prepare the recipe step by step.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 2, 2004
Cast: Steve Marsh, Dan Wright
Big Cook Little Cook

Big Cook Little Cook Full Episode Guide

  • Ben and Small are dancing when the batteries on their radio run out.

  • Ben has a box with balls in it, but Small is worried about playing with the big football.

  • Ben has a pair of blue sandals and wants to go to the beach.

  • Ben and Small are having a race to see who can tie their shoelaces the quickest.

  • Old MacDonald comes into the cafe and Ben and Small make him some farmyard smoothies.

  • A cat called Cassy comes to the cafe. Ben and Small cook her a meal of Fishy on a Dishy.

  • Ben and Small make some princess pie for a princess who visits the cafe.

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