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With the development of new and fascinating technology, the entertainment industry has been forever changed. With the use of green screens and computer generated imagery (CGI) actors can be realistically placed in any situation on any planet we chose. But movies haven't always been this way. To watch and enjoy older movies you had to let yourself become engrossed in the dialogue, suspend reality and become invested in the characters.

The B movies genre has been entertaining viewers in this way for over fifty years. B movies are generally low budget productions featuring new actors and directors. But make no mistake, B movies are an art form unto themselves. No one knows this better than Rodger Corman. Corman is often referred to as the B movie king. He has worked with everyone from Mia Farrow to James Cameron. As a matter of fact, if it weren't for Rodger Corman the world may never have discovered James Cameron or Mia Farrow. Corman's rich and engaging life story is just an example of the excellent programming found on the Biography Channel.

The Biography Channel, which is owned by A&E, began running its biographical content in 1999. Since then they have covered hundreds of history's most fascinating, inspiring and notorious individuals.

Adolpho Constanzo was born to a fifteen-year-old Cuban immigrant. His mother was the an adherent to a religion called Palo Mayombe. A cult like religion with many ritualistic practices. His mother eventually married a man who, in addition to being a drug dealer, was also a practitioner of Palo Mayombe. As he grew, Constanzo's fascination with religion and drugs evolved. Eventually, while working as a tarot card reader in Mexico City, he began amassing his own disciples. Along with Constanzo, these followers murdered almost 80 people and used their bodies in human sacrifice rituals. Making Constanza one of the most prolific serial killers of our time.

Adolpho Constanza's life story is awful and intriguing. The Biography Channel has his, and many more interesting life stories waiting for you.

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October 8, 2009
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  • A high-school dropout and self-proclaimed surfer chick from San Diego, Tawny Kitaen made her way to Hollywood in 1980 with dreams of becoming an actress. She landed her first starring role in the 1983 erotic-adventure The Perils of Gwendoline, and followed that up in 1984 with a starring role opposite Tom Hanks in the mainstream Hollywood comedy, Bachelor Party. But it was Tawny's appearance on MTV in the Whitesnake videos that really catapulted her, and the band, Whitesnake, to fame. The most famous of those videos, Here I Go Again, featured Tawny writhing across the hoods of two jaguars in a flowing white negligee. The video had heavy rotation on MTV, the single hit #1 on the Billboard charts, and Tawny married the lead singer of the band, David Coverdale.

  • Profile of the wild daredevil who became a star with the "Jackass" franchise, famously introducing himself to TV viewers when he swallowed and regurgitated a live goldfish on air. But fame came at a heavy price as Steve-O's craving for drugs, crazy stunts, and the rock star lifestyle put him on a downward spiral and led to a threatened suicide in 2008. Now three years sober and with his biography, "Professional Idiot," coming out, Steve-O is hopefully a new man.

  • He didn't invent rap, but Russell Simmons is, perhaps more than any other individual, responsible for the music's astonishing success. This intimate profile spotlights the founder of Def Jam Records, who helped to bring black, hip-hop culture into the American mainstream.

  • Their films were box office gold. Their performances were magic. And when they went out on the town, they were legends. At a time when everything was cool and style was king, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop were the ultimate playboys. The Rat Pack goes where no other documentary has been: to the exact moment when Sinatra, the leader of the pack, met every other member, and the dynamics behind his relationship with each of them. Then, the BIO profile takes an intimate look at the carnivorous alpha-males who, on the outside, were simply the hippest guys in America, but privately struggled with love, loss, = jealousy, racism and the mob. With the help of insiders like Angie Dickinson, Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle, The Rat Pack explores the lives and legacies of five men who once capitvated an entire generation of Americans, and continue to fascinate an entirely new generation today.

  • Their films were box office gold. Their performances were magic. And when they went out on the town, they were legends. At a time when everything was cool and style was king, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop were the ultimate playboys. The Rat Pack goes where no other documentary has been: to the exact moment when Sinatra, the leader of the pack, met every other member, and the dynamics behind his relationship with each of them. Then, the BIO profile takes an intimate look at the carnivorous alpha-males who, on the outside, were simply the hippest guys in America, but privately struggled with love, loss, = jealousy, racism and the mob. With the help of insiders like Angie Dickinson, Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle, The Rat Pack explores the lives and legacies of five men who once capitvated an entire generation of Americans, and continue to fascinate an entirely new generation today.

  • Tina Turner is undoubtedly one of greatest rock performers of all time. She has performed around the world, acted in several blockbuster films, and contributed songs to many others. But it is her personal life story that makes her achievements that much greater, her transformation from a young, abused wife to rock goddess that makes Tina Turner such an amazing cultural icon.

  • Whitney Elizabeth Houston, known as The Voice, is one of the most successful pop stars of all time with some 170 million records sold. Signed by the legendary Clive Davis, she scorched the charts with such hits as "You Give Good Love," "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," and "Greatest Love of All." But her personal life has been a mess. She married Bobby Brown in 1992 and theirs has been a tumultuous relationship plagued by persistent rumors of drug abuse. They starred in a TV show "Being Bobby Brown" that did more to harm Whitney's career than help it. In 2007, the couple filed for divorce and Whitney was awarded custody of their daughter Bobby Kristina. In the final analysis, this is the story of a woman who found unimaginable success on the stage, but failed to find happiness away from the spotlight.

  • Viewed by some as one of Tinsletown's brightest stars, and by others as a pariah. He's managed to stay on top despite public scandals and outspoken views. Mel Gibson is true Hollywood Icon. From blockbuster action films and successful comedies to critically acclaimed dramas, Gibson has made his mark as a sexy leading man with an edge. But that "edge" comes with a price.

  • Matthew McConaughey was on the way to becoming a lawyer when he picked up the inspirational book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and decided his real future lay in screen acting. A chance meeting with a casting director in an Austin bar secured his first real film role. The casting director introduced him to director Richard Linklater who gave McConaughey a role in his upcoming film, Dazed and Confused. More roles followed but high-wattage performances in two 1996 movies, the crime thriller Lone Star, and the film adaptation of John Grisham's novel A Time to Kill made the young actor one of the industry's hottest young leading men inspiring comparisons to actor Paul Newman.

  • When he called himself "a skinny kid with a funny name" at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, his political star was already on the rise. By the time he decimated the competition in 2004 race for the Illinois Senate, he was the bona fide golden child of a Democratic party desperately in need of a winner. In many ways, the story of Barack Obama is a uniquely American tale of the 21st century, where racial lines are blurry and the most interesting chapter is just beginning.

  • This profile of the young comic traces Chappelle's story from his hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio to his 2005 escape to South Africa. Find out how the young boy who once idolized the comedy of Bill Cosby became famous for racially provocative and envelope-pushing comedy.

  • The Wahlberg brothers, Mark and Donnie, have taken Hollywood by storm, transitioning from pop music sensations to establishing themselves as successful actors in both television and film. Raised in the rough neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston, the Wahlberg brothers used a combination of street smarts and hard work to become forces to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

  • Paula Abdul is accustomed to the spotlight. With the phenomenal success of American Idol, there are more Paula Abdul fans than ever.

  • Rick Springfield has sold fifteen million records and after nearly thirty years in show business, he still performs with the reckless abandon of a twenty-something rock star. Springfield's hit song, "Jesse's Girl" became the anthem of the 1980's-- a time when his feathered hair, tightly-suited body and boyish face became hallmarks of the era. Concert footage, photos and interviews chronicle his early life in Australia and his career-- a path that has taken him from teen idol to TV soap star to serious rocker.

  • A profile of the American stand-up comedian and actor whose full name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney. With his signature catchphrase, "Git-R-Done", Larry the Cable Guy is selling out theatres and arenas across the United States.

  • Portrait of the actor best known for one of the most remarkable comebacks in entertainment history. In 1994, Caruso was the popular star of NBC's NYPD Blue. But when he left the show in a fight over money, Caruso's name became synonymous with stunningly bad business decisions. He couldn't get a good part for years. But Caruso, a middle-class kid from Queens, N.Y., was used to long odds, and after a decade, he landed the blockbuster role of Horatio Caine in the smash-hit series, CSI:Miami, seen on A&E.

  • At 38 years old, Rachael Ray seems to have burst out of nowhere to be everywhere. But Ray struggled at first. She was a small-town Sicilian girl who moved to New York and worked at the Macy's candy counter. She then became a buyer for gourmet grocery stores and started teaching people how to make great meals in record-breaking time. Discovered by the local news in Albany, N.Y., and then by the Today show, Ray landed a Food Network show, 30 Minute Meals. The public fell in love with her perky manner and can-do spirit, and in rapid succession she landed two more Food Network shows, her own magazine, cookbooks, and a daily talk show.

  • Actress, singer, partier, she's barely into her twenties, and Lindsay Lohan has already gone from screen tests to rehab stints. She was acting in a soap opera by the age of ten and made her film debut in The Parent Trap a year later. Unlike many child actors, Lindsay's appeal seemed to grow as she as she aged, and by 2005 she was headlining hit films such as Mean Girls. Despite her popularity as an actress, press accounts focused more frequently on her antics as a Hollywood party girl. In addition to her alleged problems with substance abuse, her clashes with co-stars and studio execs, and her widely reported trips to rehab, Lindsay has added "singing sensation" to her film career, having released her debut album in 2004.

  • Profile of the Grammy Award-winning rapper, singer, model, and actress who's been hip-hop's first lady, the face of Cover Girl, and an Oscar nominee. Born Dana Elaine Owens, she was nicknamed Latifah, which means "delicate and sensitive" in Arabic. She started her music career as a human beat box alongside rap group Ladies Fresh, and her first album at the age of 19 was a success. But her brother, Lance, was killed in an accident involving the motorcycle she had bought him. Emerging from her grief, Latifah's album "Black Reign" was dedicated to her brother and was the first album by a female MC to ever go gold. Latifah then branched into other media, starring on TV's Living Single and in the hit movie musical Chicago.

  • Hollywood is obsessed with its celebrity couples. They're regular fixtures in tabloids, blogs, and entertainment news shows. But our girl-and-boy-next-door couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner --aka Bennifer II -- have remarkably stayed out of the media spotlight. We'll shed light on how Mr. and Mrs. Affleck came to be, as we explore their individual careers and the experiences that brought them together as a couple.

  • A modern renaissance man, Jamie Foxx is one of the most spectacularly versatile performers in show business today. This portrait of Foxx looks at his triumphs in comedy (he starred in the hit TV show, In Living Color), music (he earned a Grammy nomination for his album "Unpredictable"), and film (he won the Oscar and Golden Globe for Ray.)

  • Born out of a concept--a counterpoint to the 1990s "boy bands"--and a single trade industry ad, the five "Spice Girls" rocketed to the top of the pop music world. The only British group to taste "Beatles" level commercial success, The Spice Girls produced two world-wide top-selling albums and performed at sold out venues everywhere. Their success began to unravel with the group's abrupt firing of the manager behind their meteoric rise, Simon Fuller. Attempts at comebacks and reunions have had mixed results. In 2006, the girls teamed back up with manager Fuller and announced a world tour. The tour was a major success and they sold out their first show in London in 38 seconds. The Spice Girls remain an important part of the history of pop music and their impact as a female movement is undeniable.

  • In the mid-nineties, Boyz II Men's silky smooth voices lifted them to superstardom. Their record-breaking stints atop the music charts placed them alongside industry icons like Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Along the way they became the biggest selling R&B group in history. But as often is the case, an epic rise proceeded and even more dramatic fall. When albums sales slowed, music execs lost interest and the foursome went from selling out stadiums to playing dive bars. Now, with the success of their latest album, Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville, Boyz II Men is finding its footing again. The question is, can they make their way back to the top, or are they destined for the easy listening circuit?

  • The British rock band from Manchester, Oasis has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide since their birth in 1991. At the height of their success, one album, Be Here Now, reached #1 on the UK charts, #2 on the US charts, and sold almost half a million copies on the first day alone. Along the way, the band has experienced key departures, Gallagher brothers' sibling drama, years of constant challenges and obstacles, and finally a popular resurgence in 2005.

  • This talented actress first burst onto the scene in 1996 with her role opposite Antonio Banderas in Desperado. Since then, she has gone on to become an icon for Mexican-American women and a member of the Hollywood A-list. In addition to starring in a number of box office successes including From Dusk Till Dawn, Dogma and Wild, Wild West, she began her own Latin-influenced film production company, Ventanazul. In 2002, Hayek produced and starred in Frida, a biopic about the famous painter Frida Kahlo, which earned her an Oscar nomination. Hayek continues to take on brave roles including producing the decidedly iconoclastic hit series Ugly Betty. A recent mom, Hayek also finds time to serve as advocate for both women's and immigrants' rights.

  • He was born prematurely and put in a malfunctioning incubator, leaving him permanently blind. Despite his disability or maybe because of it, Stevie Wonder was a musical prodigy, who signed with Motown Records as a teenager. He has gone on to win 25 Grammy Awards, a lifetime achievement award and an Academy Award. His is an inspiring story of great obstacles, but even greater achievement. From a near fatal car accident in 1973 to the day-to-day challenges of his disabilities, Stevie Wonder's story is as unique as his music.

  • Named after a department store, this former prom queen led a charmed life in her hometown of Cleveland. But the rest hasn't been all tiaras and roses. Halle survived two divorces, a controversial hit and run charge, and a Razzie award for Catwoman to become the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actress. We'll take a revealing look at her journey from the most popular girl in school... to one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

  • Iowa native Kutcher seems like the kind of guy who's always led a charmed life, but he's had his share of heartbreaks. His fraternal twin has cerebral palsy, he lived through a stormy home life growing up, and he was busted for burglary in high school. But things started looking up after Kutcher moved to L.A. and was cast in the sitcom, That 70s Show. He moved on to film roles like Dude, Where's My Car?, and he has produced and starred in MTV's prankfest Punk'd. His marriage to Demi Moore, 15 years older, has produced much hand wringing among his female fans, but that hasn't stopped them from flocking to his flicks.

  • Hilary Swank grew up in a Washington State trailer park. When her parents divorced, a teenage Hilary convinced her mother Judy to move to Los Angeles where Hilary could pursue her acting dreams. The two set off with only $75 and spent many nights sleeping in their car. Hilary's first real roles were television bit parts on Growing Pains and Evening Shade. She met actor Chad Lowe at a Hollywood party and the two married in 1997. That same year Hilary was cast in the teenage soap "Beverly Hills, 90210" but she was fired after only 16 episodes_4-18. Discouraged, Hilary set off for an audition to play a transgendered teen in the low-budget film "Boy's Don't Cry". Hilary won the role and the Best Actress Oscar for her performance. Five years later, Swank took home her second Oscar for her role in Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby." Hilary's rising fame proved too much for her marriage to handle and she split from husband Chad Lowe ten months after her Oscar win. In 2007, at age 32, Hilary was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame where she reminded a crowd she was "just a girl from a trailer park with a dream.

  • He's had a meteoric rise to fame in the '80s, co-starring with fellow Brat Packers Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore, and Charlie Sheen in a series of popular teen movies. After scandals and controversies threatened to derail his career, Lowe got back on track and officially took his career off life support when he joined the cast of The West Wing. His role in the TV hit earned him his third and fourth Golden Globe nominations, two SAG awards, and an Emmy nomination. And his guest appearances in Brothers & Sisters was an immediate hit with viewers, helped boost ratings, and landed him a permanent cast position.

  • His was one of the ugliest celebrity flameouts in years... but after a decade of self-imposed exile, Mickey Rourke has clawed his way back into Hollywood. At the height of his career, he was a leading man, a sex symbol, and a respected actor with seemingly unlimited potential. But his career turned turbulent, as he gained a reputation for misbehaving -- battling directors, producers, and the law. Rourke became his own worst enemy and with middle fingers blazing, walked away from it all and into the boxing ring. Once the classic Hollywood bad boy, Rourke has significantly mellowed. He is now the first to acknowledge and admit the mistakes of his past. And his second chapter has begun.

  • She was Hollywood?s sassiest child star?smart-mouthed, precocious and full of talent. Tatum O?Neal shot to stardom as the adorable orphan "Addie," playing opposite her famous father Ryan O?Neal in 1973?s hit "Paper Moon." At 10, she became the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award. Throughout the 70s, Tatum was Hollywood?s youngest "IT" girl, starring in two of her biggest hits, "The Bad News Bears" and "Little Darlings." And she was soon making a name for herself off-screen as well. Plagued by drugs, booze and depression, teenage Tatum took a nosedive. At 20, Tatum left her troubles behind to pursue love and motherhood with Tennis bad boy John McEnroe. But three kids and one rocky marriage later, Tatum?s hopes for happiness ended in one of the most vicious divorce and custody battles in history. Now in her 40?s, Tatum decided that it was time to go public. In 2004, she released her autobiography, A Paper Life.

  • Television shows about high school kids have been around since the dawn of time, but by 1990, no one had ever done an hour-long drama dealing with teen issues from the teen point of view. Beverly Hills, 90210 invented the genre of the prime-time teenage soap opera. It paved the way for a generation of angst-ridden imitators from Party of Five to Gossip Girl. Additionally, the series stabilized the young and wobbly Fox network, rescued Aaron Spelling from professional oblivion, and launched the careers of the cast as well as Sex and the City creator Darren Star.

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