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Boy Meets Girl is a British ITV comedy-drama television mini-series. Meet the boy, Danny Reed ( Martin Freeman) a down-on-his-luck and disillusioned superstore employee. Meet the girl, rich fashion journalist Veronica Burton (Rachael Stirling). These two very different people are literally brought together when one fateful day lightening strikes, causing them to switch bodies.

The show is peopled with a number of other interesting side characters. There are Danny's coworkers Fiona (Angela Griffith) and Pete (Marshall Lancaster), Veronica's boyfriend Jay (Paterson Joseph), Veronica's lover Ali (James Lance) and her lover's girlfriend Siobhan (Tamzin Malleson). Both Danny and Veronica have their individual struggles and successes in this new situation. The two experience a lot walking in someone else's skin. You will face their double-life and learn valuable life lessons with them. The deepest moral of the show: sometimes you don't know the real value of what you have until you don't have it any more.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 1, 2009
Cast: Rachael Stirling, Martin Freeman, Marshall Lancaster, Paterson Joseph
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Boy Meets Girl Full Episode Guide

  • On the night before the wedding, Peggy's boiler bursts. Pam comes to the rescue, insisting that the Arkleys move in with the Macdonalds for the night.

  • The search is on for the perfect wedding venue. Leo and Judy barely find time to discuss ideas as their families are far too keen to help.

  • Leo gets a job as a dispatch rider and meets his match in new prankster-loving boss Kat. Pam invites Peggy over for dinner now that they are 'virtually in-laws'.

  • Tony prepares for his cafe's soft opening but experiences serious teething problems, all of which are exacerbated by his unpredictable sous-chef, James.

  • Leo and Judy are living together happily at Peggy's house when Leo receives an enticing job offer.

  • Geoff has promised to give Leo a try-out as a salesman at his car showroom. Tony is ill, but Pam is unsympathetic and leaves him in James's care.

  • Veronica traces Danny to the DIY shop, but some local villains are lying wait for him and when Danny spots Veronica (in his body) she is being forced to commit a robbery to repay a debt. Danny helps her to escape and the two properly meet for the first time.

  • Danny is stunned when he spots 'D. Reed' above one of the beds in the hospital. Veronica (in his body) must have been telling people he's a woman and has been locked up, but has now escaped. Feeling utterly deflated, he's given a very difficult choice; does he continue to insist he's a man and stay locked up or convince them that he is in fact Veronica

  • How can he maintain appearances when he's only just finding out who this woman 'Veronica Burton' really is? He can't stand Veronica's friends for starters, her best friend, Siobhan has realised Ali is having an affair. Meanwhile, his friends and Fiona are still worried about his whereabouts and are starting to get suspicious of the attractive journalist who's suddenly so interested in finding him

  • Drop-out DIY employee Danny Reed finishes work for the night and heads off to the electricity power yard. There's a flash of lightning which strikes the pylon and there's a huge explosion. Danny wakes up in hospital and is horrified to discover he's no longer Danny Reed - he's now a gorgeous woman in her early 30s

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