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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 8.4  (50)

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins was a reality television series that aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network from 2010-2013. The show was centered around the legendary self-help guru Tony Robbins as he helped individuals overcome personal struggles, whether they were emotional, psychological or professional.

The show was a spin-off of Robbins’ highly successful infomercial ‘Personal Power’, which had gained massive popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. However, ‘Breakthrough with Tony Robbins’ was a more immersive experience, as it showcased Robbins’ approach to therapy and coaching.

Each episode of the show focused on one individual or family who needed help to overcome a specific challenge in their lives. Challenges could range from struggling with an addiction to dealing with past trauma, financial struggles, or relationship problems. In every episode, Robbins would work closely with the individuals to help identify their underlying issues and find the best possible solution to overcome them.

Robbins employed a range of techniques such as meditation, visualization, and intensive one-on-one sessions to help the individuals make a breakthrough. He also made use of group sessions and involved the family and friends of the individuals to provide additional support.

The show was praised for its innovative approach to life-coaching and intervention. It was a groundbreaking concept at the time and provided viewers with inspiring stories of individuals who had overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and transformed their life.

Viewers loved not only Robbins’ charismatic personality and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life but also his unwavering dedication to helping the individuals find the breakthrough they needed. Robbins’ message of determination and self-belief resonated with viewers, and the show became an instant hit.

The show was not all about Tony Robbins. It also had a great production team that made the show visually appealing. The camera work was done in a way that captured the emotions of the participants, and every moment of the journey was documented exquisitely. The show also included interviews with family and friends of the participants, to give the viewers a broader perspective on the problems that each individual was going through.

One of the most significant elements of the show was the impact it had on the audience. Viewers could relate to the struggles of the individuals featured and found inspiration in the way that Robbins helped them overcome their problems. The show instilled the belief that change is always possible and that anyone can make a breakthrough in their life, regardless of their circumstances.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins was a show that will be remembered for its impact and credentials as an innovative concept. Through Robbins’ teachings, viewers were able to learn practical life skills and gain insights into how to achieve one’s goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain a positive mindset.

In conclusion, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins was a reality television series with a unique and innovative approach to therapy and coaching. Robbins’ charisma, empathy, and impeccable skills in coaching made the show a must-watch for individuals who wanted to make a positive change in their life. It was a show that will continue to inspire audiences and leave an indelible mark.

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Episode 8
8. Episode 8
April 30, 2012
Summary not available
Juaquim Hawkins
7. Juaquim Hawkins
April 16, 2012
Tony shows Juaquin Hawkins, who may lose everything, how to value the simple things in life.
John Rodriguez
6. John Rodriguez
August 12, 2010
John works with the Marines to break his bad patterns, but it's not turning out like anything he expected.
Melissa and Rick
5. Melissa and Rick
August 12, 2010
When Melissa Lawson the winner of "Nashville Star" returned home from touring and recording she found out that her husband Rick had had an affair. Tony sees their anger and how they have distanced themselves from their children and their failing marriage. Tony puts them through challenges to help them achieve a breakthrough.
	Scott and Mandy Smith
4. Scott and Mandy Smith
August 12, 2010
After their daughter has a near-death experience, Mandy and Scott Smith's marriage begins falling apart. Tony works with the family to show them a fulfilling life means taking risks.
Juaquin and Kim Hawkins
3. Juaquin and Kim Hawkins
August 12, 2010
When an ex-NBA player suffers a stroke, he gives up on life and his family. His only hope is for Tony to help get him back to being the man he can be.
Ron and Marie
2. Ron and Marie
August 3, 2010
Ron and Marie are a couple from New York who are struggling to support their children, keep their home, and hold their marriage together. Ron had a 23-year career in the corporate world until he was laid off in 2008. Since then he has had a challenging time getting back on his feet.
Pilot - Frank and Kristen
1. Pilot - Frank and Kristen
July 27, 2010
In the series premiere of Breakthrough, a young couple sinks into despair after an unthinkable wedding day tragedy, only to emerge stronger and more fulfilled than ever.
  • Premiere Date
    July 27, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (50)